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It sucks what happened to the Amazons! I hope they come back but overall I think it is better than before

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@gokuwarrior: ok I read flashpoint and I am 100% sure aquaman did not defeat her. and I am skeptical of the other claims

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Maximus Maximus Maximus! > King Arthur

Ok then he Achilles kills him

Show have Achillies fight lancelot.

I would still say achillies thou

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This is awsome. Cool someone did this

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@gokuwarrior said:


i just want her to be what she is supposed to be,a powerhouse and a skilful warrior that is part of the trinity,but writters don't show her like that,because when superman and batman are around,they put her aside,superman and batman make the important job,and save the day,while she is shown as the helper,or they treat her like a punching bag,while the other 2 take care of more important things.

if you like to see her being knocked by batman,owned by deathstoke,tagged and knocked out by humans,defeated by aquaman,taken down by a sand storm,defeated by poison ivy,owned by clayface,etc,,and if you want to see her villans being humiliated by catwoman all the time,then fine,just keep supporting that,because that's what DC does to her most of the time,but for me,it's important that he most iconic female get to be written and treated properly.

When was she knocked by batman owned by deathstroke? tagged and knocked out defeated by aquaman ETC ETC?

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Hell yeah I am really exited about this. But do we really need a love triangle involving superman? How is that going to work?

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I never even heard of Martian Man Hunter until someone directed me to this post LOL

Batman - 100

Martian Manhunter - 160 (-6)

Wonder Woman - 188 (+6)