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Prologue 2: Electric Boogaloo 5

It seems that everyone in the Ultimate Universe is some kind of sociopathic killer. Wasn't the point of the Hulk that he's more like an angry and confused child who just wants to be left alone? Doesn't it kinda kill the entire point of his character if he really is every bit the monster people think he is? What's more, everyone's making a big deal about all the "innocent civilians" Hulk keeps killing. Except this is the Marvel Universe. 95% of all the "innocent civilians" on Earth are mutant-hat...

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One big prologue 3

It seems like the storyline that Wolverine first appeared in can never be updated today in a way that doesn't suck. And those were all without being set in the Ultimate Universe. This one, unfortunately, is.But let's just take this one issue at a time, shall we? We open on Wolverine waking up in the snow, finding that his lower half has been torn off and thrown 4 miles up a mountain. Now you're probably thinking this is the aftermath of an epic smackdown between Logan and the Hulk that you'll g...

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