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@joshmightbe: You know being Condescending is just as bad as so you should rethink your comment cause at the same time you are just some dude on the internet.

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@colonyofcells: Not true again look at john Nash or watch a beautiful mind he was able to take care of himself and was schizophrenic. I had a family member who was schizophrenic and nobody new till after she died and they cleaned out her belongings she owned her home and had worked the same job for over 40 years.

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@Mercy_ said:

The ignorance in this thread in regards to mental illness is troublesome.

Agreed since there is such a broad range it could apply to makes it hard to say X is mentally cause he has these symptoms or Y is not cause he doesn't have these problems.

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Bruce clears it he's created Iron Man level armor before though he rarely uses it plus Stark tech isn't too much above his own tech while. Stark may be in shape he isn't near Bruce's level so the farthest he gets is Talia

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@a88378438: Thor feats in this case our irrelevant since power gem super secedes all those so if you want feats you consider power gem feats and not thor's feats.

Superman wins via pis even though given the rules thor should stomp

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@ssthanos: Movies have no relations to comics as far as canon goes since they have to write them for a wider audience. That's why they can beat smoke Galactus and Hal can beat parallax by himself. Also since they only have like two hours to beat the bad guy they sometimes come up with ridicules ways of winning and having all the heroes go home happy.

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As much as I love Batman he's my favorite comic character Black Widow wins this her combat skills where far more impressive.

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Team 2 for the win Ronin is worthless in this fight. Darkseid can take most of them on by himself. Add Despero who would give any of them a run for his money both physically and mentally and the team one is in trouble since they still have Sinestro and Black Adam to lend a hand@the creator said:

Team 2 ftw. Black Adam annihilates Gladiator. Sinestro annihilates Nova. Despero mentally annihilates BRB. Darkseid stalemates the rest until the other 3 of his team free themselves up.
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  1. Team 2 stronger overall
  2. Team 2 faster
  3. Team 1 lady shiva tips balance
  4. Team 2 miss martian weak link
  5. Team 2 just because i have to pick but could be team 1
  6. Team 2 batman isn't a robot designer
  7. Team 2 they can fly
  8. Team 2 far superior agility
  9. Team 2 don't like team one
  10. Team 1 savage takes them to victory
  11. Team 1 barda vs thor could be a push but I take Mister. M over Sif

I reserve the right to edit tomorrow when sober but that's my opinion please prove me wrong.

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TOAA cannot beat SOK because he is not under Marvel. God is omnipotent and SOK killed God at the peak of his powers because the God that was killed by SOK was at the Seat of Eternity.

@emperorznb: the fact that he killed him proves that who ever he killed isn't omnipotent cause to be omnipotent makes you beyond death.