Will straying from the norm in comics follow through?

Spoiler Alert for those of you who haven't read any of the newer comics I'm about to talk about (New 52 Batman, Superior Spider-Man)

Change in comics has always been something that is met with a varied response on the spectrum from bad to good, whether it be from a costume change to the death of a popular/well-loved character. Something that really sticks out to me in this sense would be the death (and return) of Superman. Mind you, I was born in 1991, so I didn't really have the skills necessary for reading a comic book, as well as have a legitimate reaction to the event at the time. When Superman died facing off against Doomsday, people were surprised, but according to the following news footage, they had their suspicions.

Superman, as Chronicle director Max Landis stated, "killed death in comics" in a parody video that he had made, along with people such as Mandy Moore, Elijah Wood, Simon Pegg, and Ron Howard. At the end of the video, there is a quick clip of how many superheroes have died and come back to life. The death of a major comic book character, as well as a drastic change in their character nowadays is nothing much (in my opinion) to the reader, with many, including myself, wondering when they will return to life/to normal.

Now it is true, that some characters may keep their newly given attitudes, such as Batman gaining a more grim outlook after the death of Jason Todd (who was resurrected). Another sort-of example of this personality development would be in the issues of Superior Spider-Man (spoilers start for non-readers). With Otto Octavius' mind in the body of Peter Parker, Spider-Man has been given a new outlook from fans as a more serious character who is more willing to cross the line at times in order to save lives (one example includes punching Scorpion's jaw off). As soon as I read issue 700 of Amazing Spider-Man (where the switch between Ock's mind and Peter's happens), I wondered how many issues of "Superior Spider-Man" were going to be made until Peter was restored to his original body. A great change can be a very good thing for popular comics with stale/far from its norm story lines. Many people on this site agree, as I have seen, that this comic run is just being made to return Peter to his more "relatable" roots, with Parker as a bachelor with a crummy job and more of a solo person. This would become possible by Otto's tampering with Spidey's reputation with the Avengers, and Peter's reputation with Max and others at Horizon Labs. However, as some people have begun to discuss, the Superior Spider-Man series could be an elseworlds/off-shoot of the Amazing Spider-Man series (assuming that the title changes back to Amazing Spider-Man).

Next on the list is the death of Damian Wayne. Already fans are speculating if/when/how Damian is going to be revived. Although people have stated that there have been sources that have confirmed that Damian's death is permanent, there is still an amount of doubt in the comics. Is this the change from the norm of reviving deceased characters in comics? Only future issues of Batman DCnU can tell us that answer. But if Damian does end up getting revived, I guess the old quote is correct;

"No one in comics stays dead except Uncle Ben."