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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand POSTED!

Sorry if it's a little meh (if it is) but at least it's a post.

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"Something is not right" Angel sits at a nondescript and most importantly non traceable computer at an undisclosed location, lit only by the primitive display. Re watching his message to the world.

"It hasn't been for a loooong time." The webcam light dims to a dull dark red, it finishes capturing what he believed to be his last days on this plain of existence, "I haven't been the best that I could have been, I've made a lot of mistakes, haven't come through on a lot of promises I made to people who really believed in me" he pauses for a few fleeting moments, reflecting on all those people he failed to protect, failed to help. "But I'm not the man I've been painted as, you really can't believe everything you here on the news." he sniggers to himself, the pale boney face then reverts back. "I've bee spending too much time on this old rust bucket." Tapping the side of the practically pre-historic computer a lung full of dust explodes from every nook and cranny, it continues to record "I've been searching a couple of things, things I shouldn't want to know but now I do, one thing in particular... 'How to Kill the Amazing Angel...'"

Leaving the decrepit cesspool of an undercover apartment he begins the long walk until his inevitable capture, for miles theirs nothing, for miles he imagines that is could all be in his head, the weakness, the sickness, the paranoia.

"and honestly... people have been coming up with some pretty good ideas, ideas that could even work."

A long black limousine parks on the curb alongside the supernatural savant, a tall man in a black suit and a cruel face steps onto the sidewalk, blocking Angel's path "Direct mission from the Champions of Peace, you're needed in Washington asap."

"Darkness fields, disenchantments... severing my ties to this planet, ending my life."

"The chopper's this way sir" In the ride over he had altered his attire to a more business oriented white suit and peacoat combination, he decided not to question the men in suits or the helicopters, he knew what this was.

"and I bet you're wondering why I'm still going along with this huh?"

All he could hear was the helicopter blades, each individual chop lingered in his ear, like his whole world had been slowed down to a crawl.


"C'mon, I figured all this out so I'm no that stupid"


"Of course I've got a plan"


"but my guts telling me they've got one for me to"


"I just want to set the record straight on a couple of things"


"I never stole anything from anyone,"


"I tried my best at everything I did but I just guess that wasn't enough."


"If you're watching this video"


"I guess it means I was right"


"F$ck me I didn't want to be right"


"All I can say is good luck..."

"You'll need it."

He steps off of the helicopter and onto the freshly paved landing pad, at the end of the catwalk a man he doesn't recognise greets him with a friendly smile and an outstretched hand.

I guess I was right after all...

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Wait is this good COP or bad?

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That same crazy night

The sky began to light up a fiery red as the maleficent storm of molten rock rained down from the skies, Angel had made a hasty exit from the rustic dank he'd previously occupied, abandoning his current sting in favour of more heroic pursuits. The screech and squeal of panicked inhabitants filled his ear like blood from a burst drum, this Texas town was small but densely populated and directly in the path of the suspected supernatural sh!t storm, the inhabitants would have to move further north passed the nearby mountains to escape the oncoming barrage... he assumed anyway.

But first things first.

"SCATTER!!!" His enhanced shout carried with it the ethereal feral message of continued survival to all the more simple creatures inhabiting the area, he liked to explain it with that old horror movie troupe of animals having a 'sixth sense' when it came to evil, that they could somehow sense the malevolent aura permeating beings of pure darkness, well turns out thats all true, except it also works for creatures of light and by God they listen to them. The standardised stampede had begun, all creatures within the mile had heard the call and began their hurried journeys to the safe zone, even those domesticated in their homes suddenly allowed their instincts to take over, hamsters chewed through steel bars, dogs and cats jumped through glass windows and emerged on the other side unaffected and the one pet snail... he'll get there eventually. Now it was just the humans he had to deal with, he began banging on doors and tapping windows, howling at the top of his synthetic lungs of the impending apocalyptic catastrophe but nobody seemed to listen, maybe it was time to give these people a little glimpse into about five minutes from now. "Okay buddy" Angel brings his trusty double barrel blunderbuss to his face, "For this one I'm thinking Armageddon, Independence Day and 2012, lot's of explosions, mass chaos, lots of flashing and crash but ABsolutely no substance, let's do this." pointing his firearm into the fiery sky he counts down to the chaos, 5, the animals were one thing, 4, they were easily controllable, 3, they had direction, 2, and it's not exactly human nature to walk peacefully together, 1, two by two, 0, this was gonna be a long night.


The attack had only been half as effective as the arcane angelic had hoped for, the demon had slithered from his grasp and denied him the change in venue the hero wanted, Angel searches the upmarket eatery as it continues it's assault his slightly heightened senses, he locked eyes with the murky souled being as he finished his ultimatum to the powerful paladin.

"Demons? Seriously, a four person exorcism is my sunday..." Angel slowly began his calm waltz to the event horizon, how successfully he handles this particular obstacle would dictate the rest of the battle and whether he'd have to juggle plates, or just smash them over this son of a b!tches head. His angelic essence begins to glow like a light under a cheap lampshade as he begins channeling the limited amount of light he has in this plane, approaching the crowd he makes eye contact with each individual demon before coming back to his opponent, he wants this message to be personal and as intimidating as he was capable of portraying "Now leave, before I make you."

"Hurgrah!" A possessed demon lunges forward at the supernatural savant, growling with feral ferocity and drooling from it's hunger for chaos and bloodshed. A loud thud cracks the entire room as the demon's force is suddenly halted by a series of Angel's light based shields reinforcing every molecule of his system, the exchange is silent for a few moments until the grotesque sound of the demon seemingly gasping for breath, it's voice crackling as it suffers from massive deprivation of everything it needs to survive. The Angel's eyes begin to glow blindingly bright as luminescent light courses through his fingers and into the vessel of the ungodly creature, "Keep this in mind for next time to do anything this stupid..." Angel hisses at the helpless abomination "You are low level, you are not in my league, you will lose here today..." With one mighty action the Champion pulls the skeletal demon from the human host and grasps it's skull directly in his clawed hand, he stares directly into it's hollow eyes "...and you are going back to hell."


White light flows from his mouth like steam on a cold day as he breaths for the first time in long while, staring into the eyes of each and every demon with his glowing white eyes. "Anyone else?..."

Abuse of molecular composition, Light bending and Increased white light energy flow

Angel Health Level

"Wouldn't say no to a oil change right about now"

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I might tonight but I still don't really know what most my posts gonna be, or the general direction or what the team is doing. I'll see what I can do :P

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Damn... well we're boned.