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I might tonight but I still don't really know what most my posts gonna be, or the general direction or what the team is doing. I'll see what I can do :P

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Damn... well we're boned.

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I'll probs wait till all the team members have posted, sos I can incorporate them into my post and whatnot.

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The Angel had acted rashly, he'd been too busy fighting the enemy he couldn't see and blinded himself to the one right under his very nose, he ignored everything that could've alerted him, the subtle click and clack of expensive shoes on marble flooring, the repulsive fumes of copious drinks being consumed at an alarming rate and that o so familiar aura that he'd practically numbed himself to, it would've been refreshing not feeling such a darkness in his presence, like fresh air after a life underground, he just forgot to breath.

Exhausted by the harsh atmosphere in this foreign universe the Angel been inhabiting for the past week he sighed a heavy sigh, volunteering himself for this intergalactic contest was not a well thought out plan and not something he was even sure he could come back from and for what... for what? Being a thoughtless 'soldier' he'd never even given any thought to what the prize for all of this could be, focussing solely on intervention but never thinking what he could do with it, what great power he could hold, what great power he could give up. Business picked up in the fancy establishment while Angel sat docile idling in his own thoughts, hurried masses crowded the space around him, breathing and sweating and yelling and pushing and shoving but none of this phased the native Londoner, as soon as he learned out to walk he was hurried onto a busy tube train, packed like a tin of sardines, thinking back to it Angel would have probably preferred the tin, at least it would've smelled better.

The mysterious ominous opponent began to yell almost erratically as the crimson clad hero continued to ignore his very presence, this was a good sign for the hero, it meant his mind games were working. The strange shadowy man leapt over the bar as the chaotic crowd dissipated and eventually disappeared entirely, obviously another vague program inhabiting this pocket universe. Neon green reflected off his almost porcelain complexion as the infamous hallucinogen fizzes and crackles violently spitting at those who dared to take a sip. 'Before I Kill You'? cute, a sly smirk crosses his pale face as his opponent draws a target on his forehead, drips his blood in the water, exposes his weakness to the tactician, staring into the drink he contemplates taking the high road as he did in his last battle, all he wanted was a fair fight, we can't always get what we want.

"You should be careful drinking that stuff..." Immediately after the words escape Angel's mouth he immediately vanishes from his stool in a blinding flash of light, "It goes straight to your head." Within a split second the supernatural savant re-materialises behind the demon, reaching out to grab him by the hair and smash his face into the untasted bottle of Absinthe and the unused shot glasses, with the amount of force and momentum applied his opponents' head would go straight through the glass of the bar top and clear a couple of expensive bottles on the way if it's successful. "I think you've had enough" Angel would tease if he'd managed that sequence, "Last Call!" attempting to grab onto his limp body he planned to use his strength and momentum to throw him through the back wall of the bar and through to the storage area, a place where he could utilise trickery and deception to his advantage and not have to rely on potentially draining attacks.

Use of 'Magic Moment' time distortion abilities.

Angel Health Level

"That might cost me"

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@jack_: So... you still wanna do that thing?

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Eh you could probably get through all my recent stuff in like an afternoon... soo