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Damnit! I need to RP to get my brain working, any takers?

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I love me some eternal life stories and this was a good one, interest to see where it goes. :)

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  • Angel recently decided to redesign his costume to include a badass trench coat, the coat in question has a split tail as the bottom so when he lands on stuff it kinda looks like he has wings behind him, he also knows you jealous.
  • The coat though has nothing to do with him currently doing the whole 'drifter on the run' thing but it just kinda worked out that way.
  • He vetoed the Fedora though...
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@der_arzt: NO THATS MY FAN, GET YOUR OWN!!! *Grabs Ophelia*

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@warsman: Who's Ultherian? (not been around much :P)

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HmmmmMMMMM! Interesting, Imma grab a drink, crank up some tunes and get myself deep in some rich narrative.

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"Jeez... I'm guessing no flash photography right?" The Angel stood shocked still as he gazed upon the majesty of the universe, every universe, every splintered dimension, every crack in the grand broken window, every drop in the vast endless ocean of eternity. Rarely had one of even former human blood been aloud to venture to this celestial control room, with it's millions of glass spheres floating in endless starry space like fireflies in a dark evening, each showing a different dimension, a different reality and a different soul, every splinter, every crack, every drop.

"So..." The Supernatural Savant snaps into 'attack' mode as the novelty of this incredible destination began to wear thin, questions bubbling to the surface, spitting and steaming, scolding him inside, why now? "where've you been?". The Nameless Traveler his back still turned to the determined Angel began to subtle twist his almost translucent neck, arching his brow at his employee's harsh accusatory tone. "Working, maintaining, tying up any loose ends, helping where I can.", Our hero clenches his jaw and grinds his teeth, "Helping where you can? Have you even bee watching those f@cking crystal balls up there! I've been drowning, I've lost everything and it wasn't dumb luck, it was me! My mistakes because I went overnight from a stupid kid who didn't even cook his own meals, who got fired for sleeping in and all of a sudden I'm... this, if you were just gonna forget..." He sighs heavily, his synthetic skin stretching over his boney chest, his flaming fury extinguished for now

"what was the point of bringing me back at all, just leave me dead."

Subtle silence filled the supernatural stage, The Angel had stopped breathing as he remembered once again what he was and where, there was no air here and none inhabiting his hollow phoney lungs. "Are you finished?" The Mysteriously powerful being asked in an almost concerned tone, a warmth to his voice that the supernatural savvy detective remembered but couldn't quite put his finger on. "Sure" He exhaustedly uttered, "I think you should know, I was not the one who 'brought you back', I had no hand in it." Angel raised a darkly coloured eyebrow, staring at the Wanderer, his back still turned to our hapless hero "If it wasn't you, why'd you let me go off on you like that? Why didn't like cut me off, or blow me up, or some kind of finger laser I don't know".

"You seemed like you had a lot work though, a lot to say, like you'd been practising this moment before." Angel exhales loudly, almost chortling to himself. "Maybe I have. Sorry by the way." The mysterious being continued manipulating the sea of flying orbs, meticulously observing each and every facet of the small object, as if he could inhabit these worlds by merely looking upon them. "So why am I here?" The confused champion quietly uttered, his mind racing at the possibilities, his stomach churning with worry, his heart hopeful. A split second after the Angel's words the Stranger threw his arms wildly in the air, the sudden gesture began to rapidly transform the plane surrounding them, the multitude of multiverses replaced by an all encompassing view of one... Earth, or at least a place that looked a hell of a lot like it.

"Is it.."

"No... but it could spell it's end."


"Yuck" He yells spitting his orange onto the dank dusty ground, preparation hadn't exactly been a primary focus of the thoughtless tactician so far, of course he knew he had to win, reality itself depended on his victory but honestly he'd gotten a little overconfident, every time he attempted to converse and plan the most 'cost effective' strategy it ended up costing him more than he could afford to lose, so tried and true it is, no strategy, no set up, no tricks, no traps, all Angel.

Also there were a lot of oranges, like just sitting there, like a free buffet on the floor... don't judge me.

but why did it taste so gross, he used to love oranges as child, they were always so sweet and juicy but now they were just bitter and dry, difficult to chew and even harder to swallow, "Huh" he gazes at the half eaten orange, yes literally half eaten, a fruity rubix cube to the sharp minded superhero, torn skin ripped apart with teeth marks, almost like he'd forgotten how to eat in the first place, only now does he notice the sharp pain in his throat, like his been eating broken glass and sandpaper but he couldn't decipher why, maybe these fruits had been tampered with, maybe there was some kind of spell, or maybe he'd used a little too much of his finite pool of heavenly life force energy and his mind as well as his body was beginning to deteriorate.

Clutching the hood of a burned out sedan he pulls himself to his feet, dusting off his expensive newly redesigned costume, surveying the desolate wasteland of a town he hears a familiar sound as 'Doom and Gloom' by the Rolling Stones echoes from a mysterious speaker in the sky, he notices a strange figure in the distance, his next opponent? Or merely a figment of his wild imagination? Whatever this figure was, it was time for them to meet the Amazing Angel.

Re-evaluating energy levels: Extreme deprivation, lingering injuries, hostile universe, dark magic, extreme exhaustion, metal trauma.

Angel Health Level

"I'm kinda screwed ain't I?"

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@pyrogram: Thanks dude but I feel like I've gotten kinda lucky so far, really gotta pull my socks up if I wanna win this thing. :)

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@pyrogram: I'll PM you with what I'm doing when I got all my sh!t together :P