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@the_last_samurai: "Nah, after we defeated the extra-dimensional demon posing as the big evil, escaped through the time portal and saved the multiverse... again, the big guy with the lightning bolts kinda decided to forgive him for bumping uglies wi... getting a little to personal, I'll leave it at that." The ageless hero's eyes darted around the hall as he noticed the subtle changes or lack there of, the old place had gone through in the multi centuries he'd been away. "So dude" Angel turned back to his old friend, "what's new, or old with you?".

@-reckoner-: The shadowy stranger, most likely a spy or assassin immediately catches Angel's astute attention... mainly because he asked him a question. Our hero awkwardly answers the unknown man's question as he gestures toward Daimyo the proprietor of this quiet estate.

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"That's one hell of a walk buddy..." The worlds premier swashbuckling superhero waltzes into the ancient, stately abode of the eternal swordsman, his essence radiating through the human skin cloaking his over-worldy physiology. "you should really consider an elevator, maybe a shuttle bus or something, I mean not everyone's as fit as you are at a thousand years old" Angel moves in to embrace his old comrade in a friendly hug, that is if the memory hasn't escaped him after four hundred years of war and bloodshed.

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@psycontic: "Hmm kind of a dated reference but I'll bite," Mr. Living Light himself swivels around to greet the wise cracking bar patron stumbling his way into alcohol poisoning, Angel adopted an extremely nonchalant pose resting his lower back and elbows on the booze stained steel countertop. "so guy I haven't got a nickname for yet, what's your deal?"

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@darkchild: "I still don't trust you completely, I think you'll have to understand that I can't... but I'll work with you." the last sentence he uttered lacked the conviction of any of his previous speeches and stylised ramblings, he was bland and monotone not focusing on delivering any kind of trademark flair or playing any sort of head games against a possible 'opponent' who if he was playing already had him on the proverbial ropes. Angel had entered with a game plan, he had assumed the ball was in his court, the conversation would go exactly the way he'd rehearsed a thousand times on the way over but he would never have guessed Daemon Matthius' seemingly altruistic intentions or his desire for a partnership of all things.

Angel thrusts his hand in front of him, gesturing for a handshake "As partners, nothing more... you haven't any more than that, actually you know what you haven't even earned that yet but unfortunately I have to be 'christian' about this and give it to you. Maybe this'll do some good after all or it'll just bite me on the ass again but I promise you, you try to take me down you're coming with me and you won't be getting back up." he waits steely eyed for the mastermind in a purple suit to reciprocate.

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@victorgrey: It'll definitely be canon as it's more a personal story than like a big event, cool then thanks for the heads up :).

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@pyrogram: as long as you do end up getting it up <_<

...nope, too obvious... nope not gonna make that joke... nope, nope, nope.

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Hey everybody AA here and half dead so I'll try to keep this short before I start sounding stupid... more than usual anyhue.

So I was thinking of starting a five years later story series in Fan Fiction about Angel meeting his first companion (who style) and discovering through her the events that transpired on the night of his death, a night forcibly removed from his memory.

So I was just wondering if I'd be able to post a sort of OOC type topic for it here with a link to it, or if I should just post it twice in both boards?

Please and Thank Yous :)

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@pyrogram: Or maybe wait till tomorrow... y'know when I'll be available =P

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@antonia said:

@amazingangel said:

I mean some RPG regulars stick around in a strictly OOC capacity so I'll vote a no for now.

But then, can they really be considered useful to the section? ~_^

Eeeehh *flaps arms at change* I don't know :P