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@_nox_: He was framed way back when for the murder of Damon Mathius by the Dark Champions, suffice it to say after failing publicly to support two superhero teams and being accused of stealing charity money to build a space station, only to be framed for killing the Vice President who'd promised to unite Human and Muntant-kind and generally appearing to be a creepy looking dude Angel's public perception isn't great right now, everyone just kinda thinks he's a piece of sh!t. Psst if you wanna learn more about this I've got a pretty good post explaining what everyone thinks of him on the front page.

Also Sterling Boothe publicly talked a whole bunch of trash about him before he 'vanished'.

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@_nox_: Isn't Nox like a crazy vigilante and aren't I still wanted for killing the vice president?

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@tranquil said:

who's the KOV champion

See? Even you didnt remember that this is YOU. No one remembers hahaha Even the damn champ. The KOV title use to be a heavyweight title. Now its like a TNA cruiser-weight title. Everybody thank the current champion for that.

Tranquil has returned


X-Division Title*

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"What is this place?" The accomplished former world travelled scientist and the current world travelling fugitive passed the burning question through his pursed and puzzled lips, the drifting duo had been traversing the country, carefully crawling under the radar of all those ever ambiguous assemblies who seek to open a ever destructive inter-dimensional door. David was their key.

"Chill for a second will you David...I won't be long." The words hang from Angel's listless, almost lifeless face, once skeletal and thin it at this particular resembles the work of a untalented wax modeller but devoid of moisture, untouched by the startling effects of his physical decay however are his piercing eyes, softly glimmering as they reflect the subtle beams of light dribbling through the bare branches. David remains unshaven and shaken by the hectic series of events which began over ten long years ago with his teams discovery of a strange portal in Laos, followed by the subsequent suicides of his former colleagues, then came his own unsuccessful abduction at the hands of his former employers, David had Angel to thank for that, whether out of some subtle shred of heroism that remained within his being or out of simple self preservation the scientist had no idea either way. Of course Markum had heard the stories, both before and after the alleged assassination, how could he possibly avoid them, this 'man's face, or at least his previous resemblance was once plastered on every telephone pole and TV screen in the country, but the scientist rapidly realised that first fateful night that he didn't have much of a choice, his trust really didn't matter.

Angel remained statuesque for moment, eyes entranced on a single slightly cloudy window, if he had a heart it would be beating fast. The tall pale drifter with an almost ghostly complexion dreamily wandered forward, snapping decrepit branches as he brushed passed them. "Angel, where are you going" Markum's question fell on deaf ears as Angel crept into the open sunlight, resembling a spectral figure against the backdrop of green grass and blinding sunlight. Almost like he couldn't help but look.

"Okay class! put down your Walkmans and Crackpipes, we've got our microscopically mundane musings on..." The somewhat stuffy but wholly enthusiastic college professor withdraws a felt tip marker from his multipurpose blazer pocket and hurriedly scribbles the words 'Heroes and Villains: Discussing The Boundaries of Good and Evil in Capes and Cowls', to a chorus of groans from the entirety of the young people attending his lecture. "Now kids I know we've been through this topic a few times now but it makes up half the syllabus so..." another single groan interrupts the lecture, this time emanating from the centre of room. "Mr. Daniel Kurner, do you have any thoughts on what we should be discussing this class?". Daniel straitens out his slouched posture, his navy blue sweater unwrinkled itself as the rolled up sleeves begins to slide further down his elbows, scrapping against the gash he received intercepting the winning touchdown at the college football game.

"Yeah I do" he defiantly utters to the surprise of his teacher, expecting him to recoil further into his chair and possibly sliding the pair of sunglasses resting in his light blond hair over his eyes. "Why does it always have to be about superpowers, why can't we talk about like, politics in the middle east or the existence of a God or even New Coke or something, why's it always gotta be dopes in capes.".

"Interesting argument Daniel, having seen your exploits on the football field I was not expecting you to tackle this Philosophy class with the same gusto... but allow me to ask you a question, who is the current President of theirs here United States..." Daniel moves his upper lip to speak, only to be cut off again by the boisterous professor,"What acts of war have we witnessed in The UK, Venezuela, Africa, Elysia and in our own backyard, all spurred on by the presence of super powered individuals, I couldn't begin to explain all of the social ramifications of super powers in our modern society... but we can...?", the entire class emits another sigh of monotony before they feebly shout in unison.


"Fantastic love the enthusiasm"Sarcasm and deflation accompanied that last statement, "Now Mr. Kurner, you mentioned Politics, Wars and Deities well our particular subject today encapsulates all three." Leaving a long pause for dramatic effect the somewhat theatrical teacher slides onto his wooden stool, back still turned to the packed classroom.

"So children, tell me what you know about... Angels"

Outside he remained, the wind softly whirring whistling as it passed through the thick mop of raven hair resting atop his snowy skull, wide eyes still transfixed on that second story window. "So is this where you were leading us?" David quizzed his tight lipped tour guide on the nature of their current location, undoubtably expecting the same vague mysterious response he'd been greeted with every time he'd previously mentioned the end goal of their journey. "This is just a detour David, I just needed to come here..."

"We keep heading East we'll be in Gothic by Monday, that's our first stop." Angel continued, Markum nodded in agreement.

The heated but for the most part wholly one sided argument raged on in the full classroom, this particular argument had been on the lips of the general public for months now, even though they'd made up their collective minds after the first one. "People always act like this is the first time he did sh!t like this, we all know he killed Sterling Boothe, it was so freaking obvious, dude dies in a private jet that no one ever finds." the mob like majority of the surrounding room quietly cheer in support of they're classmates ever popular opinion. "I don't think he's even an Angel," A voice significantly weaker but by no means unconfident in it's accusations breaks out from the front left corner of the room, the slimmer, noticeably less athletic student withdraws his designer prescription glasses from his newly acne-less face, using his sleeveless button up shirt as a cloth to wipe away dirt and smudges acquired from a busy day in the books. "Mythologically he doesn't fit any conventions, for all we know he could've gotten his 'divinity' out of a test tube, he could even be a mutey or some lucky nutjob who found a lab full of super powers who goes around killing politicians and philanthropists, doesn't sound like any 'Angel' I've ever heard of". Daniel along with the majority of the classroom nodded in approval of Norman's hypothesis on the recently reviled former hero, disapproval of the actions of the meta-human community had become a popular pass time for both young and old, divided on their feelings toward super-powered being, some hated them, others really hated them.

"See Skeeves gets it," Kurner motions over to Norman Skee, a subtle smile breaking out of his questionably complexioned face. "and where does that leave us in all this, hiding under our covers until creepy bastard decides to pay us a visit. No ones caught him, no ones even tried, if I had m...". The curly wiry haired professor cuts Daniel off, pre-emptively halting the inevitable construction of a angry torch and pitchfork flailing mob. "Now now Mr. Kurner I feel as if I've heard the louder voices in this room, the more unified voice, some of which using the M word which I would prefer we refrain from using in future, trust me I'm doing you kids a service. I would like to now invite the quieter voices to turn up their volume, get some discussion going, give me a counter argument." The lecturer's enthusiasm met with a a chorus of silence, save for a coughs and crunches. "Anyone? Even if you don't agree with what you're about to say just do me a favour and liven this room up." Stillness remained ever present in the undivided classroom, the tutor turns back to his whiteboard, rubbing his forehead frustratedly.

"Maybe he didn't do it?"A soft and gentle voice tiptoes it's way out of the mass of humanity located in the top right hand corner of the room, faint in it's delivery but certainly not in it's message. The professor suddenly darts to the direction in anticipation of a fevered discussion, while the rest of the room is jolted out of their respite of intellectual activity by the un conforming opinion. The impassioned girl with the ever so slightly bouncy auburn hair tapped her pencil nervously on her desk as she quickly realised she was the current center of a great deal of unwanted attention. "Like I mean we've already decided he's all these things, all these awful things but... have any of you thought, what if he isn't." Daniel sighs silently to himself as he deliberately and condescendingly shakes his head from side to side at the female student's notion.

"Maybe theres enough evidence to support him not being there, him not killing those people, him not being a monster that everyone around you told you he was, you never needed to look for anything else.", the overriding confidence of the collective college classroom seems to slightly dissipate with her conflicting argument, some questioning whether or not truly believe was they've been campaigning for. "I see what's happened here..." Kurner retorts with a sly smirk encompassing the length of his freshly razor shaven face, the auburn haired girl begins her retort but he swiftly cuts her off "I see what's going on here, it's what my dad used to call 'conjugal visit fever', sometimes teenage girls can't help but fall for the 'bad boy', if you think you can change him Jane you're wrong, I've met people like him, people who just 'aren't right'"

"Have you met HIM?"Jane defiantly snapped at the state champion, emotions bubbling to the usually calm and collected surface of her petite frame. Daniel rolls his head to the side, his blond tasselled hair shifting back and forth like tall grass in a summer breeze, "Maybe I have... maybe I just don't have to." a deathly lull falls over the previously raucous classroom,

"He's not worth it Jane"

The sometimes silent and seldom confident redhead in a stylish black jacket and combat boots sighed in the presence of unanimous disapproval of her controversial opinion, her body exhaustedly sunk into the freshly polished wooden school desk, while her eyes travelled back to the board at the front of the room, only to catch a glimpse of a familiar tall, pale and jubilantly smiling figure occupying freshly cut grass lightly removed from the dark reaches of the unkempt forest that surrounded the school.

"Angel?" she faintly whispers to herself as her eyes dart back to catch another glimpse out of the dusty yellow mirror, only now she saw nothing, now he was gone. Jane quietly and tearlessly sobs to herself a she wraps her slender fingers around a seemingly homemade locket hidden beneath several layers of dark coloured apparel, nevertheless her amber eyes remained fixated on that corner widow. Waiting for him.

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@_nox_: Whoa whoa whoa! You calling me out old buddy, you felt like knocking on the cage the big dog while he's trying to catch some Zs! I was just gonna write a couple of story peaces, take it easy for a while, enjoy my semi retirement but NO! You had to play with a loaded Ouija board, you had to stare down the barrel of an old war gun, you had to wake a hibernating grizzly bear who might not feel satisfied on little woodland critters... well you know what.

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@icarusflies: I think it's more of a maybe, depending on whether I can get back in the swing of things tonight and such.