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Light tore the darkness in the wide cavern apart like a ravenous creature born from the seated Strix's eyes for but a second before they were dispelled like turning the headlights off on a Rolls Royce. Washington's smile only grew wider and his black eyes gleamed, visible even in the dark space. He opened his oriental mouth and set forth to propose what he'd travelled all this way to propose, velvet voice slinking along in the form of sound waves and nestling themselves comfortably within the ears of the figure opposite him.

"I've spent a lot of time searching for the right allies, Amaranth. I've spent a lot of time searching for you."

Washington's flawlessly composed figure would betray nary a clue as to anything regarding his persona, the domino masked man a master at the art of body language.

"I realize my arrival might be considered an intrusion, as I am aware of the situation involving the Knightfalls. But time is something I refuse to waste. I've come to offer you a position in my world, Amaranth. My new world. Something I will be unable to create without your aid."

Those raven irises seemed to absorb the darkness in the room and he paused, letting his measured words permeate the atmosphere.

"I think..."

The corners of his mouth rose so far his smile turned to a little grin and he gave a slight nod, the remainder of his form as unmoving and erect as a statue.

"I think my new world could be something you'd enjoy."

One zythium boned palm made contact with the floor and Amaranth rose to his full height. Plan brown robes swept the dirt covered floor of the cave and Amaranth strode forward. These were words he had heard many times before, in some form or another. Daemon, and those who had come before him had all spoken of a new world. But just because an idea was not new did not mean it was not worth pursuit.

"Tell me of this new world, then." His voice rumbled through the cavern as he swept out into the light, sharp winds cutting at his broad shouldered form with blades of cold.

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A Remote Cave, North of the Equator.

The cold was nigh insufferable, comprised of such a raw ferocity that it refused to freeze one patiently, like cold usually did. No, the sub-zero temperatures offered nothing but aggressive, greedy agony that possessed enough potency to leave even the most hardened adventurer as little more than a silhouette of ice after only a few hours in it's embrace. Washington was no adventurer, and unlike an adventurer, the Mental Maestro was able to consistently regulate every aspect of his form, utilizing his perfect mind and it's capabilities to maintain a healthy body temperature and keep his stamina even at all times. He'd spent more than a week in those perilous mountains, climbing, hiking, swimming, jumping, running, fighting and surviving with nothing but the exquisite clothes, now quite tattered, upon his back and the domino mask placed delicately upon his high, oriental cheekbones. It seemed impossible, surely, to the average man. But Amphetamines was far, far more than the average man.

The soles of both bared feet pecked at the ground of the cave and he rose from his crouch, regarding the expansive hole in the mountain with a composed satisfaction, letting his observant eyes fall upon the large being at it's heart, a figure with snow white hair and a beard that hung from his chin with regal elegance. Washington smiled, taking slow, calculated steps towards the man known only as Amaranth Strix with his worn out, jet black suit blowing amiably in the cool breath of the breeze. He stopped a few feet away, respectful of Amaranth's personal space yet confident in his position, folding both arms in his lap and taking a slight bow, dark eyes plastered to those of the Arcani's most treasured member, absorbing every visible detail and even the ones that weren't.

"Finally, I've found you. My name, is Washington."


Dust had gathered upon Amaranth's unarmored shoulders. Ants crawled across a bare foot. His eyes were closed. His legs were crossed and his hands lay upon his knees, palms up. He had been frozen in this meditative posture for three days and four nights; clearing his mind of distractions, mastering his emotions in the wake of his brothers death and the subsequent desecration of his tomb by Quintus Knightfall.

Washington's words touched his ears and filtered through the layers of his post-human mind. The Immortal's eyes opened, burning with a searing golden light before Amaranth mastered his esoteric power and the light faded away. Violet pupils gazed at his visitor and the rumble of his voice filled the cave. "So you have. Greetings Washington. I trust you have made this journey for a reason?"

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Some say Amaranth goes too far. Others say he doesn't go far enough.

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The world was over crowded. There were too many humans, too many mutants and not enough resources to go around. Mutants with dangerous powers were trapped in huge cities; a danger to themselves and others. Humans that wished to live in peace had no place to go without encountering yet another mutant with powers the human could never hope to compete with. It seemed as if the world was trapped in a cycle of violent clashes of increasingly scarce resources.

Disaster wasn't inevitable. Disaster was already here. A thousand tiny tragedies every day feed the endless circle of retribution and fueled a war that could only end in genocide.

But what if there was another way?

What if there was a world, a world with room, a world with infrastructure, with food.. with room?

What if there was a place to escape too?

Amaranth had discovered such a place. A world that could be the salvation of the earth.. but the cost would be high, and it must be paid in blood.

Therefore the ancient mutant had called out to every warrior, every mutant, every mastermind, every powerhouse, every assassin, every being of any influence what so ever to gather in the frigid cold of the Antarctica where a vast portal had been constructed of the living metal Zythium. It was there they would join together..

..and conquer a world.


This thread is the location thread for the Antarctica Portal from the CVnU to Anime Vice. That means this is an IC and OOC thread both for those of you who are wondering.

The concept is pretty simple. The Arcani and Amaranth have found the Anime Vice Universe and created a portal too it with the intention of taking it over. Motivations may vary ;-)

All CVnU rules apply on the CVnU side of the RPG.

You are more than welcome to create your own Invasion RP threads, just toss the invasion tag into your thread title. You don't even need to ask me; I've made the portal/location thread, you're free to do whatever you like.

Unless Impero and Mercy have a dramatic change of opinion this will be canon.

I'll make the location thread on the AV side soon.

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