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He can use an explosive arrow for each of them...

Also it's not really hunting if they're in a zoo. Does he even have to go in?

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The trio win. Legolas solos.

If you consider them three separate fights:

Ezio kills Gimli.

Can only kill Aragorn with range and stealth.

Loses to Legolas.

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It's easy. Never eat the dip at parties.

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I didn't know that, I don't care AT ALL for movie tie-in games. They're just money grabs that butcher the events of the film, which themselves may not even be that good.

If it takes place after that's indication that at least someone wants to create something even a little bit unique, so I might take a look.

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With regards to Dan Slott's intentions: By ackowledging the blindspot is no longer in effect, he acknowledges it existed, he sets in stone that Max couldn't have discovered Spider-Man's identity prior to Spider-Island. Writers are liberal with plot devices like the blinspot, so there are exceptions. Max isn't one of them.

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These guys get affected by different colored rocks, don't expect anything to be scientific.

I think it's more to do with Kara just being weaker the Clark, or at least weak because she's "new". Maybe she needed to juice up more around Sol before flying to another solar system in a tantrum.

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I didn't read whatever that issue is, but that doesn't directly show Bruce knowing Peter, either. In fact, that bubble right before suggest quite the opposite.

Anyway, the Jackal is an anomaly. If the Clones are to know, then the Jackal must know. He knows who he clones and why he clones them, he must remember. Madame Web is in the same boat with the mystical stuff.

As for the equal to Mephisto bit, that is just logic. Mephisto can't simply permanently affect those more powerful than him. To say the psychic blindspot has any effect on the Tribunal or TOAA is just plain wrong. Especially if you consider the spell is a combination of the skills of three mortals, even under Mephisto's agency.

Dr. Strange deliberately made himself forget, it was one of the most concerning issues for the three when creating and executing the spell.

And no, the spell obviously has... "loopholes" but as a mechanism, both as part of the continuity/MU and for the writers, it works in general. There hasn't yet been any reason to think Max gets a pass like Web, Jackal and the Clones. He has no ties to Peter like they do. If it wasn't in effect, everyone else would've learned/remembered right alongside Max, but they didn't. So the blindspot is working to some capacity, and Max isn't the kind of character to be counted among the privileged immune to its effects.

Like I said, Peter's stunt during SI and the consequent "breaking" of the spell wasn't retroactive. So unless Max has Peter on his mind afterwards and saw something that implicates him again as Spider-Man, Max still thinks he's Spider-Man's sidekick.

He didn't know before SI, he can find out after SI.

Besides, him learning before Cooper just craps all over her moment.

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@InnerVenom123: The OMIT spell was no longer in effect, Dr.Strange explained that at the end of Spider-Island in #773. It had been null for some time.

Wow... First of all you just skipped like a hundred issues of ASM, lol.

And second, Max can't "already" know. His realization was before Peter "broke" the ACTIVE portion of the psychic blindspot. If he thought about it again afterwards, then he can figure it out, but right now he has no reason to re-assess his previous assessment that Peter is just Spider-Man's sidekick. In other words, the psychic blindspot made him to firmly believe that Peter is not Spider-Man, so until another event comes along, there's no reason or opportunity for him to revisit the issue. There are instances from before Spider-Island where people would have discovered Peter was Spider-Man had the blindspot not been in effect, so if Peter breaking the blindspot is retroactive, ALL those people would've suddenly just realized, "Oh, Peter is Spider-Man,". The writers wouldn't do that (in fact I'm sure they'll make it a big deal every time someone knew discovers his identity), nor does it make any sense because Carlie was one of those people and she clearly "learned" from recent events that he is Spider-Man, and not suddenly remembered all those previous moments before SI where she should've found out. So for Max to know, Peter has to at least do something again that implicates him as Spider-Man, and this time without the active effects of the blindspot in place, Max can come to the right conclusion about Spider-Man's identity.

Anyone who has some sort of cosmic/deity ties is aware Peter Parker is Spider-Man, maybe not so obviously and readily as Madame Web, but they're capable of finding out (regardless of the events of Spider-Island). It only makes sense Madame Web knows he's Spider-Man because she can see the future and is connected to the Web of Life/Spider God/Agent of Chaos/Totem stuff that Peter is. Just like Mephisto knows he's Spider-Man, and everyone who is more powerful, or equal in power to Mephisto either already knows, or can learn regardless of when Peter broke the spell.

As for why the Jackal knows, it's because he made the clones. And the clones know because they're clones.

Also Max's bio is pretty accurate. I don't see what part of it is opinion or speculation. Most of it is from the storyline where Martha dies.

@muhabba said:

Would't the spell have been broken when Pete revieled himself to the FF and then to the Avengers. He revieled himself to the FF when they were in the other universe and the while Osborn was still running his first set of Avengers

The spell doesn't break when he reveals identity, the knowledge of him being Peter just rushes back to the person he's revealed himself to.

The spell only broke in SI because Peter told the world he was a spider man, but not the Spider-Man. So while no one experienced the rushing back of memories like the Fantastic Four did, people can start rediscovering his identity, if they had already known it prior to OMD, or just discovering it if they didn't.

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@WaveMotionCannon said:


Your Privilege is showing. Diversity does matter since the US is a diverse country. And really, every kid should have a hero that looks like them that they can look up to.

Diversity matters, because "White" is still treated as "Default". The only people that would have a problem with Diversity are bigots, since Diversity in the end is a good thing.


@VenomMelendez: That is all fine and dandy. But how is Ultimate Spidey-Man better because Miles is black?

How is it worse?

Because he's not Peter Parker, but that's beside the point.

I like variety, and diversity plays a part in that. So yeah, it matters.

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You should know that OMD wasn't created to be a great story, it's main purpose was to remove the marriage between Peter and Mary Jane, and that's what it did. The in-universe ramifications are mainly told in OMIT, but the smaller stuff across all the years isn't expanded upon. Subtle shifts in the continuity like the following:

Peter experienced both the events of Disassembled and The Other, he just either never received the powers, or he got them and lost them some time in the new history. The creative teams have left these changes open to exploration, but haven't done any stories for them yet.

By the way, Brand New Day isn't really a story arc, it's just the label they put on the books post-OMD.