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One way or another, this is going on my list. I just have no idea what to drop to put it there.

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I've had this bad boy on preorder since I knew they were making another game. As I can't make the midnight release, Gamestop is my first stop in the morning!

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Hush takes the cake for me... Year One, notably, was a close call as was Death of the Family.

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Seriously? I can't afford to pick up all of these extra issues outside of JLD! Jeff Lemire's shoes are going to big to fill, so hopefully this "Blight" arc and DeMatties won't disappoint. On the bright side, at least Zee's costume has improved through the Trinity War arc (but I miss the top hat still).

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Great as usual but I think you missed some :) (by Stjepan Sejic)

This is spectacular. Why don't they start using this for Diana's new costume?!

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He wasn't my first choice. Ok, actually, he wasn't a choice for me at all. If DC/WB wanted a "known" actor, my vote was for Karl Urban. If they wanted an "unknown", I would've said Jensen Ackles. This casting isn't ideal, but he might be able to pull this off. Affleck's grown up a lot since Daredevil. He can handle the Bruce Wayne bit, but he's going to have to really bring his A-game to stand up to Cavill when they're in costume. I'll give him a chance... but he better not muck it up.

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Booth, Atkins, and D. Nguyen: The three of them had some really spectacular pieces this week. Really love the first Batman/Superman piece and the first Mr. Freeze tribute.

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Remember when we all thought they were messing with us in I Am Legend?

Messing with us? I've been waiting for this mashup since that movie. ;]

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I am excited for this, and I totally called that they'd do this before the JL movie. I'm sure it will be good either way, but a great movie will only happen if they cast somebody who stands up to Cavill when in character. My vote is for Jensen Ackles, but that's just me... I genuinely want to see the differences in brooding/positive personas played out between the two. But to be fair, it won't sit well with me if he seems "on par" in a fist fight with Superman. It'd be better played if they stress his intellectual/technological skill in contrast to Clark's brute strength.

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I'm going to end up watching this just because I appreciate Jackman's Wolverine. Sure, the man is too tall for the roll, but I think he really embodies the character's personality. It's not his fault that Origins fault, so I'm willing to give the franchise another chance for his sake. Also, if there really will be an "unrated" version on the blu-ray release, a potentially more violent Howlett is something to get excited about.