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Just your average college student trying to make it through the next few years. I've always had a fancy for comic books and have no particular bias between DC and Marvel. Batman was my first superhero and will always be the character I follow most closely, but I've definitely branched out to other series and characters from my introduction with the 90s cartoon series. I'm not an expert on any title, never have claimed to be, nor ever will be, but I'm not afraid to give my two cents about what I like and don't like in a comic.

From time to time, I always joke that if I fail at the career path I'm on, I'll change majors to art and draw comics for a living. Never had a legitimate art class, but I still like to doodle and might post some now and again. I'm also a novice writer and have several books I'm working on and will push towards publishers some day. Will we ever see an Ama-Sama penned graphic novel? Never can tell.