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The Hybrid Bastard come face to face with God who started it all, Zeus! 0

The GoodThings continue to go wrong for them Hybrid boys. Locked up and facing jail time, what can they do but face the music? Everything will end, one way or another when the Hybrid Bastards end up facing Zeus' wrath: Courtroom edition!Tom manages to advance things via events that were set up in Issues 1 and 2. It brings pleasing sense on continuity throughout the book that what you thought were throw away jokes were actually advancing the plot. The story features a rather unlikely series of ev...

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Continuing in the adventures of the Hybrid Bastards, they enact a plot to hurt Zeus where it counts 0

The GoodThe second issues immediately jumps back into the plot of the Hybrid Bastards to enact their terrible revenge on Zeus who has forsaken his bastard children. The issue provides a lot of great context about how the Greek Gods fit into the modern day setting and the book is able to focus on fleshing out the characters of the Hybrid Bastards themselves as they go about their tale of revenge. The book manages to fit in its dark middle chapter leaving the reader on yet another cliff hanger and...

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The children of the Greek Gods are often legendary. Some however, are also Hybrid Bastards. 0

The GoodIt is not often to find such a refreshing concept which is set outside of the "superhero" genre. Tom and Kate manage to deliver a complete story in only three issues while still packed with character, intrigue, and dark humor.As for the first issue, Tom Pinchuk and Kate Glasheen bring us a great concept in the form of "alternate" title about the Greek gods in a modern setting. The Greek God Zeus is somewhat known for his promiscuity and his wife Hera for her jealousy and vindictive natur...

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