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Rachel by Todd Nauck is fantastic.

As soon as I saw that Marcio Takara Ben Reilly I knew Tony would love it. I also dig that Powergirl by Takara.

Ryan Ottley's style is growing on me, not sure who I would ask him to draw for a commission just yet.

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Hey you guyssssssssssssss,

I might be making it up, but I recall Tony mentioning that he wears a Green Lantern ring. Would you mind talking about that or any other Comic related stuff in your wardrobe? I'm looking at branching out from hats/shirts and getting a light up Blue Lantern ring myself (and maybe even a full cosplay suit).

Thanks again for putting out great content every week for my listening enjoyment!

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I will listen to this without watching wrasslin! Who knows, this might even get me back in just like the CV podcast got me way into comics

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I'm very conflicted. On one hand I love that this is one of the best threads of continuity for the Ultimate Universe. On the other hand, if they don't handle this with care they might unravel a good portion of what they built. Still, very interested to see where it goes.

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I don't actually know much about 2099, but the review has me interested. I wonder if it'll all tie into Spider-Verse at some point.

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Yeah RAH, I see that Spider-Gwen~!

Man, I would love a Dodson sketch, surprised they chose to do Chun Li. Oh Dustin, I get what you were going for and its beautiful.

THAT AGNES GARBOWSKA BLUE LANTERN CORGI IS REALLY GOOD. SUPER AWESOME AND SUPER CUTE, I might be a tiny bit biased on that one however. I love her version of Rocket even more now that I've seen the movie.

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Oh, that's why my comic shop guy was rather insistent I also get the Punisher book as well. I'm sure I'll still enjoy the Noto art even if I'm missing part of the story.

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Looking forward to the repost so that I can listen to this! So excited for this one! Going to bring back some sweet over a week ago memories.

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Detective Comics, Black Widow, Rocket Raccoon. A big week for me!

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Kind of funny coming back to this article, knowing Tony and Mat went out and got commissions from Rod Reis!

For me my dream commission would be Phil Noto - Vampire Jubilee&X-23. His run with Kathryn Immonen on post Curse of the Mutants Jubilee is in the running for my favorite comic of all time. His artwork is so beautiful and time consuming that he probably can't do commissions at cons but its a lovely dream.

Another pick would be Sara Pichelli, she draws my favorite incarnation of Rocket Raccoon. Would prob ask for something weird like Rocket eating a sammich since I love that panel from Gotg so much.

Recently met Philip Tan at SDCC, I had no idea he was going to be there otherwise I would have commissioned him on preview night. I love his Tigra but I feel bad asking him to repeat a character he had done so recently.