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I remember ICE

I remember it (the fun I had with it here), and still live ICE each and every day.

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Mercy's come get some pose.


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@feral_nova: I believe you will still have to get a beta invite. Go sign up at the eso forums if you have not already. They will be giving out more Beta Keys starting tomorrow. (If I or someone else gets an extra Key I will make sure to send it your way.)

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@victorgrey: As will I, and this Nightblade will be my secondary character. Seeing as my main focus will be my Sorc.

I've got to hit the sheets though. So take care and have a goodnight you two.

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@feral_nova: You can always count on Nova to find the fun in any situation. lol

Oh and Reen just told me you have to try beta. He's never gotten to game with you before. :P

@victorgrey: The problem with that build is it will use up all of your Magika, leaving you with just Stamina which will also be used up with your Bow shots unless you do light/heavy attack instead. So this is a very heavy resource use build. Set up more for small scale skirmishes than larger fights. However I can see a lot of people Raging over this build because they won't be able to attack you back. lol

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@victorgrey: You want abuse? Here is a glimpse into my theory crafting idea for a Nightblade. They have a Cloak ability that lets them go invisible/stealth while in combat, it lasts for 2.5 seconds and costs magika (Potentially last for 2.7/2.8 seconds with passive.).
Crouch normally to hide from opponent and then hit him with a long range snipe. The moment this puts you out of Stealth, pop Cloak and fire off another bow shot (or two light attacks), then immediately hit Cloak again to remain in stealth. Rinse and repeat this target until you are out of Magika. By end game you can potentially stay in stealth/invisible from your opponent for 20+ seconds if specced right.

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@victorgrey: It pretty much works just like Skyrim where everyone can crouch to become hidden. You have to avoid line of sight to not be spotted. If you do so then you can walk right up behind someone and they won't see you. Also the first attack from sneak will always crit and stun for a short duration, but after that first attack you are no longer stealthed.

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@feral_nova: lmao at the image of you tea-bagging folks.

Currently in pvp that is a tactic people are using. Having one person out visible at the bait while 2-5+ more are hiding with the sneak mechanic. As every class can sneak/stealth in this game. However only Nightblades will have access to a in combat stealth. I feature I plan to exploit with one of my toons to troll guys in pvp. lol

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@victorgrey: Melee for PvE is perfectly fine. It's just in pvp where you will want some ranged capabilities.

Most of us focus on the Aldmeri Dominion. Right now it's just myself, The Psyentist, ReEnforcer, my brother, and Reen's cousin though he does not play often. This is just a guild we have going for Beta to better communicate with each other. Come live we will be joining a larger established guild. Though we have not selected which guild that will be yet. We're being picky. lol

@feral_nova: Noob it up! I got your back. ;)