Dragon Age: Absolution

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Dragon Age: Absolution

Now that, that has been taken care of. I'd like to bring up another subject. Still focused on rpging. I have already brought this up to some of you in Pm's, but thought it's time to share my experience with everyone. Many of you will glance over this and immediately not be interested. Which is perfectly fine. I'm bringing it up for those who might enjoy it and are looking for something new, or different. Seeing as CV is pretty set and geared towards a particular rpg style/theme.

For those interested in a Fantasy genre rpg setting. I'd like to bring your attention to a site called Dragon Age: Absolution. Which is based off of BioWare's award winning game franchise. What if you want to give it a try, but have never played the games? That's fine. Myself or any of the others signed up at the site can help you with any questions you might have. There is also a Dragon Age wiki that is very useful.

The site is still pretty new. Just having celebrated its 2 month anniversary. In which we did an rpg masquerade ball in its honor. With the site only being 2 months old. It also has a fairly small community. Having about 8-12 active members. All of which however are very friendly and helpful. In a way this site reminds me a lot of how comicvine was back in the day. When I first started. A growing site with talented writers eager to tell their story.

Overall the site is very easy to navigate, and is well organized. One of the great things about the site. In my opinion. Is it also hosts a Instant Messenger program. Which makes OoC talk and communication that much easier.

As for the setting itself. The story picks up a few years after the events of Dragon Age: Origins, and before most of the events in Dragon Age 2. The two Admins there, Cas and Val have set up a loose canon story following their play-through of the games. From there you are able to take on the role of an established canon character from the game. Or even creating your own character in which to adventure with.

The site is rated NC-17 however. So that it may properly portray the DA setting.

Please feel free to check out the site and see if it might interest you. If anyone has any questions. You may ask me here, or even ask questions at the Absolution site.

Thank you for your time. =)

Updated with a couple of clips for Dragon Age.