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Does anybody know if / when this will be collected in trade?

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@gregroyj42: This is definitely not suitable for a 6 year old.

A character goes to a planet called Sextillion, where an orgy is depicted with genitalia displayed. There is child prostitution, child birth, frequent swearing, graphic blood and guts, violence and robot headed sex in the first volume alone.

No doubt though that this is a great story for mature readers.

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Yes! Sounds great, as expected.

Hopefully this will calm down all those people blasting it when it was first announced!

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@mrpibb: Nope, just checked what that was and I am not a developer. Just using the standard Google Chrome for Mac, checked to see if it was due to ad blocker and it is the same with that disabled.

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I'm on Google Chrome and both videos aren't working, they just stay like this after clicking play.

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@JairamGanpat: You don't need Paypal and can enter 0 to try out the first issue at least.

I would have given this 4.5 stars It was really enjoyable and I loved the art but I didn't get as much of the "I need the next issue now!" factor that I get with Saga.

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@ComradeCold: I am collecting the oversized deluxe hardcover editions at the moment, they are really nice on a book shelf and have a quality feel to them that does the series justice. I currently have the first three volumes out of the five it's collected in, will get the other two soon when I have some spare cash, can't wait!

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Damn, looks like I'm gonna have to check out Green Team and The Movement now with those Amanda Conner covers!

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I didn't notice this when reading, thought there might be a pattern so I had a look.

She has them on her face 7 times in the 2nd issue and is clear in 11 panels in which she appears. How can such a mistake get through editorial? I could let them off maybe 1 or 2 but 11 times?