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This has been nothing but a botched snooze fest from day 1,but maybe May sweeps will save it.Never ever launch a show when you are up against the Olympics or March Madness/Final Four nonsense. Who makes these idiotic decisions at ABC/Marvel?

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Actually Baron Mordu could be Strange's Moriarty if handled right in the movie.The real problem with the historic portrayal in the comics is his ego always trips him up when attempting to unseat Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.Dormanmu tends to be the Cosmic entity Strange has to deal with from time to time to get what he needs to defeat the Forces of Darkness including D himself..Basically Mordu has been dropped as a plot device for some time because he is usually relegated to be the main foil in the Strange origin story and only pops up from time to time.

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I have to say I was seriously underwhelmed by this book. I didn't have high hopes. I figured maybe it would answer some of the nagging questions left over from Age of Ultron. It didn't really, but I would have been OK with that if it was interesting on its own right. Unfortunately it didn't really do that either. Some of the dialog was kind of funny, but nothing to write home about. I like Victor Mancha, so I was glad to see him here, but I can't see continuing with this series.

By the way, where the heck did Vision come from? Didn't we last see him under the control of a future Ultron? Did I miss some important Age of Ultron tie in or something? Or shall we just assume that since they changed the time stream, Vision is just all hunky dory and normal?

The things that happened in age of ultron concerning the characters involved basically didn't happen due to Ultron being killed before the Age of Ultron could happen

Thank you, for the clarification. Am I glad I didn't bother with AU.I'm definitely skipping Avengers AI. Boring group of characters and no M11 from Agents of Atlas.This mania for dragging obscure Marvel background characters out of the archives is what has plagued Fearless Defenders, a much better book than this.I give this a very short run.

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I think what makes me angry is when an editorial decision is made to change things up as drastically as killing a character off that Marvel/DC don't stick to their guns and make it permanent.I think a lot of it has to do with keeping the franchise alive because in real life no one would pick up the mantle and become the next Spiderman or Superman.If the storyline is hugely unpopular they can reverse course in a hurry.Of couse with some non powered characters such as Captain America or Batman it would be possible to have Barnes as the new Cap or Grayson as the new Batman and just leave it that way which neither company opted to do obviously.A little change is good ,but many fans are too hidebound to accept drastic change.Inevitably these things have to do with short term attempts to create a sales spike by editorial that have little to do with logical plot development or good story telling.Despite the leaps and bounds of comic quality this may be one of the reasons there is still some ridicule among outsiders over what we read because this kind of storytelling doesn't follow traditional storytelling patterns.In real life what these attempts would mirror is after Marie Antoinette (Sic?) is beheaded a few months later she comes back to life.Ask your Creative Writing teacher about this. He or she is getting paid to discuss this sort of thing and we are not.( Ha,Ha) Have a good one.

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Hello again.I can't believe no one has responded to you yet.Yes, I think with todays CGI Ant Man could be awesome and gives us a chance to see something different.I see it more as Sci Fi grand adventure rather than superheroics for the first film and it would be a mistake not to include Wasp.Until FF reboots she is the only other female character other than Black Widow we've seen so far unless Sif or Valkrie popped up in Thor.( I haven't seen Thor).Next up I'm Hoping for Dr. Strange. What do you think?

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Please don't run these two together it'll give them the idea for another stupid crossover. GH and RS.GH spends too many pages without the costume and talking too much and with almost no costume on RS at all the RS storyline is just goofy.

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@Jonny Anonymous: I don't know about you but as I read this page the 1st two covers are clearly Francavilla and Panosian.Ross is #3.Ergo the first 2 covers Francavilla and Panosian suck.The Syaf cover is my favorite but fails to include John Carter which I thought was a little bizarre.Ross covers are Ross covers. You either love them or hate them but this one is way too busy but still well done.

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Is this based on any Tarzan Novel by Burroughs? I seen to remember a Tarzan of Mars book but maybe I'm wrong. The first 2 covers are absolutely awful but the interior looks good.

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First of all especially when dealing with Marvel/DC be sure to wear a Hazmat suit with a self contained oxygen supply.Make sure you have a strong teatherline that is heat/flame and acid resistant.As you enter the comic it is important to watch where you are stepping to avoid slipping in the piles of editorial excrement that cover the ground.As you avoid tripping over the corpses of decades of underpaid creative teams......

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It would be interesting if Black Knight's sword could be retconned at some point to be made of adamantium pushing it's "discovery" back 400 hundred years or so.Black Knight travels to early Wakanda or the Savage Land and so forth.Could be a fun storyline and then it's discovery would be lost for the outside world.Not sure what the "history" of adamantium really is. I don't follow a lot of Marvel.