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Real Name: Simon Parker

Orion: The most High Tech Alternate version of Vine Earth.

Current Alias: ALT customer services at Alternate Reality Life-choice Technician

Alias: Hey you Fix This!

Identity: public

Age: 20

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 160 Ibs

Place of Birth: Citizen of First Original Earth ( 0 ) New York High Tech Earth

Known Relatives: Mother / Father

Superhuman Powers: None


Technician : 3 Years at the Orbital Multidimensional Institute Of Technology M.I.T studying


Normal Human


Stolen Alternative Reality Body Swap Tech, Allows User to temporarily travel or swap places' or bodies with other people in different universes. specifically a alternate of the person the tech is pointing at.

Average public & civilian tech available to the highest technologically advanced alternate Vine Earth in the Multi vine Verse



Born in a Highly Advanced Alternative Universe that has had the exact same history as Earth 1 except that humanity has been traveling through space on rockets with Laser Guns since before Ancient Greece). (All Thanks To Human beings all over the world. Suddenly gaining Advanced Technical knowledge during this period of time in the form of a species download) ALT Just a plain Human Being with no fighting skills or super powers. In fact he's Just an average Civilian who works for an alternative Reality Agency & works during the Day answering phones in his cubical. He earns a mediocre wage & like every one who works in an office he occasionally steals office supplies. Character: He's just a normal Guy Every man (He's like you & me he's every body), What Simon has though, is stolen an unbelievable technology for swapping his bodies with others from alternate realities. He's not a villain or a hero, But he wants to play at being something more. He has a boring pencil pushing job, no combat or stealth skill, & every time he use's this stolen device to fight some one he gets the powers but no idea how to use them as their new to him.

Languages - American

Martial Arts- None

Costume - No (alternate brings own costume)

Equipment - ALT works for a alternate Reality Travel agent. & managed to steal some of their technology.

There's no god modding, his tech pops up an alternate reality Body of his opponent to replace his own.......until then he's just a normal human with all the weakness to telepathy energy beams & bullets. With No combat skill of fast reflexes.

Plus not every alternate of a super powered opponents going to have Powers, it's random...so alternates will be vastly different some alternates will be vastly strange some will be even vastly superior. This is what i wanted all along

A system of dice Rolls

1 = No powers

2 = Equal Powers

3 = Abstract concept Universe alternate (useless but indestructible like turning into a viscous meme about your opponent)

4 = exact Opposite Powers (Reading minds Vs Projects Thoughts. Fire Vs Water, Strength Vs Weakness so on)

5 = Cute Baby Toddler Version Of Opponent

6 = Zombie Version of Your Opponent (rotting & falling to bits)



Body swapping Equipment is malfunctioning

Currently In progress of updating