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It's been awhile sense I posted in the forums but I'm back with another battle.

This match is between two of the deadliest mercs in comics. Marvels Task Master versus D.C's Deathstroke.


Both combatant has been hired to kill each other so this is a fight to the death.

The battle takes place in Avengers mansion.

All weapons and computers are locked down but if you think it's possible for TM or DS to break into a computer or weapons locker then use it but there are no insanely powerful weapons here. Just the basic Avengers gear.

this is the current versions of both characters.

Deathstroke has two swords and two pistols. Taskmaster has a shield similar to Captain America's and a pistol.

And finally, when you comment tell us why you think a character will win or I'll think you're just choosing your favorite character.

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I don't even know anymore. It's like i'm in a boring relationship. I don't have a good reason to end it but I don't have good reason to keep it going.

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Counterpoint = Have you noticed how only men in comics walk around without there shirts? What's up with that?

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Aquaman is the only thing about new 52 that I respect. The.....only......thing!

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Morrison can't be as good as you are. Right?

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Spend as much time as you can, at least three hours, to tell her how wrong she is. Maybe she'll get sick of hearing your voice and give up.

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Cancel a Bat book and replace it with a comic staring The Question. Cancel Legion Lost and replace it with an Adam Strange book.

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I'm ain't haten. I'm just asking if Marvel and DC were to be replaced what to companies could do it?

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I wonder to make a better Spider man Blue Beetle mathc up so I thought of this..... 
The Combatants: Team 1 = Captain (Steve Rodgers) and Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) vs. Team 2 = Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Bat Man (Dick Grayson)

The Battlefield: A large, dimly lit and empty underground bunker/ fallout shelter

The scenario: The Marvel characters know each other and the DC characters know each other but the DC characters don’t know the Marvel characters and visa versa.

THE WILD CARD: Dr Doom will appear to fight the winners