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@RoboShark: Fight for New Wakanda!!!

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Marvel Zombies can't last as an ongoing series it should not be limited to different flavors. It still survives in many realities,if it were more like marvel zombies 1 and heroes who follow them through (time/space) with both rosters changing (due to Infection-Death-didn't make it in-time to the portal) i believe it would do much better there is allot to go on Zombie Galacti 45 year disappearance,Marvel Zombie Apes about to be visited by Galactus,Iron-Man Sand-Man (earth-Z) Lost their World so they chase Zombie sentry,Zombie sentry's lunch through the multiverse (and/or Brother Mutant),the fall of (earth-Z),Zombie-Sentry in AoA,Doom pre U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M,Why MZ1 Earth lost its zombies after 5 years or Black Panther kill's them,the new adventures of the undead Merc with a Mouth.

SEE all the blanks

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The virus i something that is meant to be one of the multiverse's greats threats we should see go form wold and those who fight it.

it's great to create teams of both zombies who go from world to wold & heroes who decide to follow them

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@jordama said:

Is this a spoiler or are you just asking what the response would be when it is revealed. Just curious if you are going to verbally assaulted or not.

just asking

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Waiting for it!

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'' Hyperstorm much? "

Lol i saw your point from the start but am not talking no old school cape wearing tyrant think more kid with allot of power & responsibility

" very mad all the time " " I'd be more interested in him or her if they were a villain "

he's the Avatar for the Phoenix Force & a servant of the CELESTIALS he's no one's good guy look at the war going on "AVX" just cuz it wants a girl

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X-men,but i honestly feel he's on his own side,turning the tide for scott & steve while alternating his motives as the story goes i hope whatever happens he wins :)

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It's not something that should affect the whole (Scott,Jean,Emma) there's a Billion other ways to do it (Possible Future:Scott is long departed Jean returns Bang Bang Boom Boom.../Alternate Reality:AoA Weapon-X combines their D.N.A)

No skin off Scott's Back

Give the Guy a Chance will ya

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that's jean & apocalypse withouth phoenix or wolverine come-on get with the program