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Can someone let me know if Thanos has always been that powerful or is it just this story? He's is like Sky-Father level. I remember it said during Infinity Gauntlet that a battle with the Hulk is something he has avoided. And Thor has did well against him before. Has he grown more powerful in another story line?

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I hope Vixen or Black Canary makes it in. Or maybe Black Lighting

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I'm glad to see the return of Majestic. I wonder how powerful they will make him?

It's good to see another character (including Martian Manhunter, Shazam and Apollo) that can go toe to toe with Superman.

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I think she has always been placed in the shadow of Valkyrie

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They are just gods, not abstracts. Of course they should be able to die. But only by powers greater than theirs. Whatever The Void was, he was more powerful than gods like Thor or Ares.

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Moon Knight and Azrael. Both compared to Batman. Both have spiritual elements. Both underestimated in my opinion

Moon Knight by Mico Suayan
Azrael #4
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I was recently reading a DC comic with Deathstroke and I know that without a doubt, most would agree that he is DC's undisputed.

But who is Marvel's? In my own opinion it comes down to either Taskmaster or Deadpool. But I know some may say Bullseye is a contender as well.

So who do you think? My vote is for Taskmaster

Taskmaster by David Finch
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simple answer:

He can copy any move. He just can't copy power. So he can can copy the technique of a punch thrown by Cap. But can't duplicate the power behind.

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I was reading the New Avengers and I thought, if the DCU created an Illuminati Team, who would it consist of?

I was thinking:

Batman - Human

Wonder Woman - Amazon

Aquaman - Atlantis

Martian ManHunter - Alien

Cyborg - Technology

Shazam - Magic

What would be your choice

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Hulk can become stronger. Thor initially is.

Side note. I think Hercules is stronger than Thor.