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Having Superman, Wonder Woman and Shazam on the same team seems like overkill.

That's like the Avengers having Thor, Cap Marvel and Wonder Man. LOL!

Looking frwd to it though!

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I hate to give this to Batman but his skill is slightly greater than Danny's in my opinion. Batman gave Karate Kid a run and has match his skill against the best in DC. He even lasted a while against The Sensei. Danny Rand acrobatic I believe it to be better and his Iron Fist is a definite game changer. Danny seemed outclassed in skill by Cap and even Wolverine showed a thing or two during the New Avengers run. Danny could win but if I have ot pick a definite winner, I say Batman

I suggested battle would be against Winter Soldier

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I love these two characters and I'm so glad they are getting some focus (though I'm disappointed so far with Adam's). I know my opinion of who is more powerful, but curious as to how others feel.

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In my opinion, Hyperion is the only true Marvel Superman clone. And I guess I see how others could feel Gladiator is since his powers are exactly the same (though his origin and source are different). But Sentry and Blue Adam? Why? Because they fly, are strong, have some type of energy manipulation and have a cape? Then technically Thor would fall under that. It's like how people feel about Moon Knight and Batman.

Anyway, looking forward to this issue. Big fan of Hyperion.

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This would be one of the hardest fights for BP since Cap. What gives him the win in my opinion is his intellect. Combined with his skill and experience, it tips the scale just slightly over DS.

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One of the best boooks out there right now

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I didn't get to see this during MK's month. Using versions shown: Full Weapons:

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Blue Marvel and King Hyperion (but barely)

Not sure why others think that either DC could solo