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Better then Watchmen

Still wouldn't say that.

I don't understand why. I just reread it, its fantastic. The dialog combined with the art and how the panels layout is simply amazing. It's a punch in the face from perfection.

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I like this book alot as well.

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Hit-Girl.....................................................although I will say you're awesome for inculding James Franco's Harry Osborn.

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I loved it. This series rocks.

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It wasn't very good. How did it take him so long to kill a single zombie is beyond me

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He isn't wearing his underpants, not even gonna say it.

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@allstarsuperman: Supergirl, Power Girl, and Phantom Zoners are still Kryptonians

Yes they are, But Superman - Kal-El, is still the last Kryptonian born on Krypton, the last son of Krypton. He comes from a dead planet, not a dead race. Do you dislike Martain Manhunter on the sole fact that he isn't the last anymore?

As for the others, lets just agree to disagree, cause no point in arguing about opinions.

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These are terrible reasons dude........

Superman is the Last Son of Krypton as far as I know, the others were ether Phantom Zoners or Kandorians, Superman was the last baby, he is the last son.

Wonder Woman is absolutely nothing like superman. She's magic, not alien. She kills, he doesn't. He is powerful, she is skillful. etc. etc.

How in the heck is Jason Todd "forced" and "unnecessary", He is absolutely needed. Without Jason, Dick would never have grown into Nightwing or Batman, he'd still be stuck as the scaly speedo Robin. Without Jason, Tim would seize to exist. Without Jason's death to set Batman off, Tim would never have needed to help Batman in the first place.

As for the put way to much focus on the Battle Forums, and that's coming from a top poster. How good or bad a character does in fights has nothing to do with how good or bad he/she is as a character.

Here's me using your logic:

Gambit- He has stupid hair and throws! LAME.

Beta Ray Bill - So......he is a horse and he is Thor................. LAME.

Deadpool - What kinda name is that? LAME.

IDK if you just don't read some of these characters stuff, but it seems to me you just hate them cause they are popular in Battles.

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This list is bad and you should feel bad.

i feel pretty amazing

You should atleast explain why you don't like these characters.