My Retroactive Continuity Questions

I know that Oliver Queen was retconned to 26 or so in the New 52 but that raises a lot of questions, here are my top 3:

1.How did Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner get their rings in Rebirth and what happened in Zero Hour then if Oliver didn't shoot Hal with the arrow?

2. So Oliver's entire series from his earliest Volume 1 things in 1945 to his last Volume 5 stuff in 2010. How bad is that?

3. What would happen to him in his future right now? Has he lost his place as a participant or distinct personality?

Tell me what you think about this, feel free to add more questions you have or make a list of stupid retcons on your favourite character and effects on their timeline and surrounding characters.

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Posted by SmashBrawler

I don't think Zero Hour happened.

Posted by Jorgevy

@SmashBrawler: but wasn't pretty much all of Green Lantern stuff still in New 52 continuity? I don't get it

Posted by SmashBrawler

@Jorgevy: Zero Hour is not essential to Parallax. COIE (which didn't happen) is essential to Zero Hour. Ergo, ZH didn't happen.

Posted by Jorgevy

@SmashBrawler: so only Parallax related Green Lantern stuff remained?