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I created this topic because somebody I know had told me that Galactus was a giant cloud (like in the movies) and he wouldn't back down, despite me showing him a FF comic.


Technically he may be right, Galactus has been shown to look different from the standard version when viewed by non human species before, so a race of aliens could see Galactus as a cloud LOL

As for the general question, I don't tend to find people who get their knowledge from other sources a problem, after all that was me at one point. I lived in a area that didn't have great access to comics,and we didn't have the internet for me to probe further, so a lot of my info came from tv shows and movies. Most of the time I let little mistakes go (especially with kids), as annoying them tends to make them not want to read further, and the stuff that annoys me or that are major changes I tend to bring up as interesting facts. Most people are ok with that, the ones who can't admit they are wrong tend to do that in more than just comics, so I tend to already know whether that will be a problem or not.

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I have no problem with aquaman controlling water, if you pay attention to the story it kind of makes sense. Before this game takes place there has been years of tension between the regime and Atlantis with the two being on the brink of war. The abilities that have been given to him in this game are all staples of Atlantean sorcery, and IMO if he has been on the verge of war with some of the worlds most powerful beings for so long, he has both the time and motivation to learn it.

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@InnerVenom123: Plus superman tried to avoid the fight, and tried to end it early with pressure points, it was just that last part with blowing up the earth(which granted is pretty out of character, but was mostly there for scale IMO)

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@jwalser3: Answered it in the post above you. But to elaborate further even without that statement his durability would still have been higher, as well as his speed and strength, meaning Goku would likely never get a hit in anyway. Goku is the only one who really gains a real benefit from non-canon things, so removing it would make the situation worse.

Edit: Different reality, technically a different version of the character, so they shouldn't share feats.

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@jwalser3: I don't understand the phrasing of the question honestly. If you could reword it I would be glad to give you an answer.


Oh your recent post cleared it up

No it would not have changed things, the only one to really benefit from using non-canon material was Goku, so removing it wouldn't change the outcome.

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Sorry had to delete post couldn't get spoilers to work

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So Doc Ock is spiderman and peter is dead. I don't even know what to say. I am not a fan of this decision.

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I'm just glad the next event will have the heroes fighting villains instead of each other for a change.

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@IncludedPharoh said:

Joker -28

Batman - 15

Mr. Freeze - 2

Poison Ivy - 7 (-1)

Harley Quinn -13

Two Face - 17

Barbara Gordon -14

The Riddler - 30

Cassandra Cain -11

Catwoman -14

Tim Drake - 14

Nightwing- 20 (+1)

Jason Todd - 13