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Brothers, Forever Lost (Not Forgotten)

Flags of Our Fathers

James Palmer fought in the Vietnam War and was chosen for a super secret government project that researched the perfect soldier paradox. He had to "die" on the public record for the project to attain green status.

In the end, James Palmer became Allegiance, the biologically-engineered super soldier.

His father, Gene, died of spinal cancer. His mother, Angel, died of grief once news of John's and Jack's deaths came back from overseas. His youngest brother Aaron committed suicide.

  • Around Class 30 superhuman strength
  • Beyond Olympian athlete, gymnast, and acrobat
  • Master hand to hand combatant
  • Unrivaled shield fighter
  • Enhanced senses and healing factor
  • Slowed aging

Allegiance's shield is comprised of a mixture of adamantium, vibranium, and third unidentified (possibly enchanted) material, making it incredibly strong. It has protected him against all manner of attack, ranging from artillery shells to Class 100 blockbusters to even molecular disintegration rays and plasma bolts. Curiously, it can deflect intangible attacks as well, making it the perfect shield for the perfect soldier.

The aerodynamics behind its famous flight trajectories displayed by Allegiance's unrivaled shield fighting techniques are centralized in the emblem's concave nature. It always sails through the air with a purpose in its iconic user's throwing arm. It can achieve the mathematically impossible thanks to Allegiance's uncontested knowledge of how his shield works, both as a weapon and a bastion against all manner of incoming threats.

Allegiance fights using a complex fusion of several dozen different styles. He relies on his heavyweight body to supply most of the necessary power in order to maximize the destructive capabilities of these martial arts practices, though he is still perfectly seasoned in moving faster than most other combatants. He does rely on his shield during some of these exercises, mostly combining it with his physical dominance in order to create a widespread pattern of conquest. He has mastered shield fighting to such a surgical point that he can predict where it is going to go based on the angle of what he is throwing it at, therefore creating any number of shapes to confound his foes once the shield is in flight.

Up close and personal, Allegiance is a steamroller of superior strength and speed. Though he might occasionally run into an opponent that overpowers him completely, he never gives up. Even his thirty ton punches can cause harm to those with enhanced skin and muscle tissue. He just has to build up to the point at which he can take them down efficiently. As a result, Allegiance has also mastered take downs specifically designed to debilitate much larger enemies. The effectiveness of these take downs relies solely on the stony determination Allegiance is known for as well as his fighting spirit, which carries him through the injuries he must inevitably take during these close quarters brawls.