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@Roddy010: Others have posted the same opinion as yours, and it's valid, not disagreeing with it, just looking at the majority view on it.

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@TheSwordsman: How do you know they're hallucinations at all? I think there's a strong possibility that they're all lies to get people a moment of fame on television. Hard to believe someone could get away with 5 stings from a box jellyfish when 1 is enough to kill any young adult human. box jellyfish is one of the most poisonous species on this planet from what I hear.

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@BlueLantern1995: if you believe in the afterlife from a creationist mindset. why did god create evil? somebody who is all powerful is surely capable of creating life who are incapable of causing moral chaos and thus people wont end up slowly destroying each others lives through sheer ignorance. We invented the word morality, but it's an important thing to keep social stability and to continue the existence of our race.

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@slacker the hacker: oh we can make the best of what we can, but when you're dead, you lose everything, and your offspring are soon to follow so this would make procreation a moot point to the purpose of our existence wouldn't you say?

A) I think we can all agree that the universe would be pointless without conscious beings and vice versa.

B) to observe nothingness would defeat the purpose of existing, you wont learn anything.

a universe without life is a dead universe. but there are multiverse theories so I'd say universes without the perfect conditions for life could be real. they're just not proven yet.

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@joshmightbe: Well you tell me what is so scientific about a fairy tale of an angel fighting a dragon? magic doesn't exist in our world, if magic were real then think of how many criminals would be using it today. and you know centuries ago witchcraft used to be a capital offense, despite such dogmatic practices had never been proven to harm anyone.

This is different. Afterlife has yet to be proved or disproved. Afterlife can mean reincarnation in a different form or being, according to some.

You really can't just say there's no afterlife without proof.

Afterlife isn't magic, it is a concept.

Not a scientific one, the concept of the afterlife and gods goes back tens of thousands of years. We shouldn't enforce false hope that is religion, but instead use the scientific method for discovery. certainty is better and more reassuring than probability and impossibility.

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@Jnr6Lil: @Jnr6Lil said:

Honestly my opinion is if you think life is pointless, just commit suicide or see a therapist. That simple

Someone's mannerisms have been affected by this Q/A thread.

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@joshmightbe: True, the absence of evidence on a criminal suspect doesn't mean a crime didn't happen, it just means they may have gotten the wrong person, good logic.

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@JediXMan: I'm sure this particular question has been asked countless times before by others throughout history around the world, I'm merely perpetuating it and you're making a big deal of it as if I'm writing some book with stolen ideas off another writer. Well I'm not. this is a forum, freedom of speech applies to any topic here.

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@Ms. Omega: Just asking logical questions and expecting logical answers, which I've already been getting. thanks for your concerns, no worries. ^^

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@joshmightbe: well good points, I haven't really proven the afterlife wrong 100% based on a rant about biblical teachings. don't get me wrong I have looked into NDE/OBE stories, I'm just not jumping on the spirituality bandwagon purely on assumptions. to do so will make me look like an utter fool when you can clearly see that I'm not, and I think you can understand where I'm coming from, the way things are going right now, I can do without the added stress. There is also prejudice on the religious side where extremists are concerned.