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@Glitch_Spawn: And I've lost patience with static shocks vindictive attitude in regards to his creationist views, I tried being civil in my OP on this thread which he so arrogantly removed without an answer as to why. the word "lunatic" is rather subtle compared to the insults I could of used. and which I DID have to use in my next post directed to him.

I've already had to deal with people like him for the past 3 months, I don't need anymore, please.

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@Blood1991: since talking about fiction, whether comics, cartoons or video games which is relevant to what this website is for would probably get you laughed at by certain people in the outside world, you know the kind of ignorant tossers who say things like: "oh hahaha you like spiderman, you're a nerd who is so fat you can't find your own dick" and I think to myself about them types: "and you never had a childhood? you must of had a twisted upbringing" But even so, I think complaints about privacy on here would be justified. It's a tough world as it is, without having to deal with idiots.

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@Mercy_: Whatever man, I still say the site is lacking options, like deactivating accounts so you wont get confused and lose track of your conversations if you make another one with a different user name. that's what they allow you to do on other websites... don't see why comic vine has to be different. and as for my outbox messages, the only way I can keep my privacy is if I keep my profile logged out. but honestly, we shouldn't have to do that, had I known comic vine had this ongoing problem I wouldn't of signed up.

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@CozyDaPrynce: I don't know what you're talking about, the answer is no.

And yes I'll admit it, as a brit I've got a strong love for muslims because the religion they have is amazing. oh and did I forget to mention that one muslim and a future muslim I spoke to on XBL happened to be really nice people who I would, if given the opportunity, hug and kiss in two places? thankfully we're no longer a christian nation and atheism is taking over. the muslims I met are nice people, quite a bit actually.

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@CozyDaPrynce said:

What? Who's the Muslim?

Have a guess, why some people are so sensitive when their views are attacked by reasoning I don't know...

edit: maybe because they're afraid of losing debates. smh.

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@CozyDaPrynce: nothing to see here, BTW my love for certain religions stems from fortunate events that happened to me and people I know. Yet supernatural forces helped us out and it just impresses me when I keep hearing about preachers trying to help the world and promote happiness and peace.

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@menaceforever: Galileo Galilei was nearly executed after tried over ridiculous heresy laws in the 1600's.

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@ssejllenrad: there isn't going to be a second coming. only thing that will destroy earth is the sun, but not for at least 5 billion years yet.

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@mrdecepticonleader: Why indeed, why praise an idiot who made a martyr out of himself knowing what would get him killed at the time and in turn made those who cared about him suffer.

I had more sympathy for Mary if such people existed at all. but according to the tale, that hippy died with a false promise, you shouldn't make promises you can't keep. with this I say Jesus was a liar. so many people depended on that guy throughout the centuries only to be let down, I question the sanity of believers in creationism. they seem to forget that even good people suffer, so basically muslims and christians worship a guy who is depicted to be a complete ***hole who laughs his sick backside off at the thought of innocent people being treated badly.

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Static,I think you are great.