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there is no such thing original. everything is taken from previous ideas. eventually all gets to the basic plot stories. read about it here:

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@ChaosBlazer: when someone has a father who talks through a gas mask and still be able fight like a normal jedi/sith, ill vote for that dude.

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i just remembered, pain slayed the hokage and defeated naruto, naruto eventually could pick himself up because of the ninetails and hinata.

pain also used alot of power to destroy a village so he was a bit weakened in the battle.

pain can fart on the face of the "upgraded sharingan"(forgot the name), it was already mentioned before his eyes are stronger than the sharingan eyes.

EDIT: pein is only if you write letter by letter from japanese but together it is pronounced kinda like pain.

EDIT: just to make it clear, pain defeated all of his opponents. he killed himself to revive people.

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@Alien_Emperor_Xenu: when did i bring up T-X?

oh sorry, the pictures confused me. sorry.

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@TERMINATORXX: i like your style, true fan ! until i saw you mentioned T-X... everyone knows its just fan-fiction and this movie doesnt count.

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@ImTheDamnBatman:sasuke is just another Emo dude who thinks he is better then everyone else, just like peter parker in the new movie.

when sasuke wins a fight its just an obvious bad writing and can easily see it is written in his favor for the fans.

pain is one of the strongest out there.

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@Alien_Emperor_Xenu: i doubt spider-man could break terminator. he is made of the strongest metal known to men (lose the adamantium crap). also the terminator dont need his head to fight.(i mean he will continue until the target is dead, even if only the hand is left. all he need is the chip.

dont forget, one back-slap the spider hits the wall. his weapon arsenal is extremely large and can change all the time whenever he wants. terminator chance for miss is low.

spidey doesnt use any laser guns which only those destroys terminators and terminators will never stop, they are also ruthless and non-stop, will destroy all in their way. unless the battery is over after 100 years.

the terminator doesnt respond to pain (he feels it though).

he also got some kind of "spider-sense" when he turns that mode on. he see in the dark so dont be looking at the lights of the room. the T-800 contains a Neural Net Processor CPU official words for sophisticated learning computer. studying spider easy and matching the fight style against him. he of course can operate every vehicle, air or ground.


oooo i got so many response in just a few hours (: !!!

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if you dont know about terminator, you have nothing to see here.

new york

can switch to any weapon in there (basically anything that exists) in a second to any weapon that was seen in terminator 2 movie.

ammo is NOT endless.

spider man goes full attack, no holding back.

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@321comicBOOKguy: probably deadpool. someone will beat cap but deadpool is holding a 5 clip machine-gun. no one can convince me that in wwe cage range 5 clips will miss, even spider man. even the worst players in counterstrike, inculding real-life. can kill with 5 clips on this range, maybe with headshot...

lets say basic machine-gun has 30 bullets a clip(probably more|). 30*5=150.

150 bullets, each one is match win. (leg will make opponent slow enough for hitting with other weapons.

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first of all...hi all !!

because of the sexy relationship between the black cat and spider-man, i find it interesting and i hope you could help me find out what issues she appears with spider-man or anything else that relates to spider-man.

the only issues i know of is The amazing spider-man 194-195 204-205 226-227 and i read all of those.


your friendly neighborhood Emperor Xenu (: