I dont really get how the infection started in Marvel Zombies...?

Hey, I have Marvel Zombies 1, 2, Dead Days and Army of Darkness, and I still don't fully understand how the infection began.... 
Cause in AOD the Sentry infected heaps of the Avenger's, but then in DD that weird little alien thing that was inside Johnny did it. It seems like there contradicting each other..... It probably all makes sense, but I cant find DD, and I read it in a hurry cause I also got Planet Hulk and Final Crisis that day. Wiki and CV don't explain it well enough for me to really get it. I also feel like and idiot cause I normally get things first time through.... 
Oh well, it would be great if someone could properly explain it to me. Marvel Zombies is so awesome. 1 & 2 are definitely the best though.

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This is what happen; Caption america was being voted for president, They were in a perade and a big ship came flieing in, The door opens and this big light shines making everyone to come towards it. It turns out to be a superhero zombie (don't know who) and starts eating everyone then bites caption america and the avengers. And thats how it happen :-)

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to put it simply a hero from an already infected reality managed to travel to the reality where the story is set and start biting and infecting hero's.
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But what does that have to do with the little Alien Zombie thingy that went inside the Human Torch???

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@AliceHatter said:

" But what does that have to do with the little Alien Zombie thingy that went inside the Human Torch??? "

You mean in Ultimate Fantastic Four? That parasite had nothing to do with the zombies, Dr. Doom was just working on a plan to defeat Mr. Fantastic. It was just bad timing.
But yeah, as Blade Hunter said, Sentry popped over from an infected universe and started infecting everyone. But uh, Marvel Zombies Return did make it a bit puzzling, in which case I don't know where the virus came from.
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Yeh I agree with you DEADPOOL.  
I think they could have left it at 1 and 2 and VAOD, and maybe had the first part of DD in VAOD. Whoever the artist and inkers are, they kick arse

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the order of timeline is confusing, because the disease started in a different dimension. The dimension it started (Earth Z) was not a certain time period. It was in the Marvel Zombies series Marvel Zombies Return. This series was about what happened to the main Marvel Zombies (Spidey, Wolverine, Giant man etc). It started with spider-Man tale in the series where he discovers he is in the time period of the lifeline tablet. He eventually attacks the sinister six and the kingpin and eats them  
(except Sandman who kills Spidey Z). Then the Tony stark of Z gets eaten and Rhodey becomes Iron-Man. Then Zombe wolverine is in Japan to eat the Wolverine Z. Zombie Spidey comes to save shadow cat and they defeat Zombie Wolverine, but Wolv Z gets infected. Then War bound hulk goes to beat up the illuminati starting with black bolt, but he is infected because of Giant man and Hulk gets infected and in turn he infects the Sentry. In the last issue it turns out that Sentry made his own zombie avengers. Then Spidey comes with his New Avengers and the New Avengers beat the Avengers except the Sentry. now here it comes: the watcher takes the Sentry and sends him to the original zombie universe(before the zombies(the Sentry from Z then bit the Avengers)) to fill in the gap and not let any other worlds get infected.