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The Sith Coven is

Wanderers Coven isn't Sith Coven

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Lioness and Requiem are my more active heroes ATM I've also got Acolyte D and Saraph who are presently not in use

Coven BloodDiamond and No One lean towards good


Go to settings and reset it to blue. One of the updates seemed to mess it up

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Do to weather equaling poor ass reception I have no idea what happens in that gif lol


Because it never happened, until recently. And while Ali isn't a saint by any means lol she doesn't lie. However if they were to uncover her body at the bottom of the cliff they'd probably figure it out. As there isn't much else that would drive Ali to jump off a cliff in the first place

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There was no pride in her success on teaching Milo. It was elementary that she would. Transcending life and death it was the expected result that she'd grant a student with desired knowledge. "Spare me the niceties there's no request in servitude." The presently bested Ali relinquishing to the act. Much about who she was promised glories when taken but not today. Not for him, no performance was made by her.

"Father and sister should be here to end you soon enough. And as you go on living hopefully you see this night as just another of your failures. Just imagine if I had been willing." What was exhaustion and decimation could of been euphoric and invigorating. "As for the child it won't be mine, and if those 'gods' cultures praise so highly are just you won't live to call it yours."

With that the soul taker left the raven on her shoulder. Distance was far in the mountains isolated from the world of clans. In truth apart of Ali even longed for an end to the clan. Rich as the history was it left a web of unsavory events. These matters for now however held no meaning what the bare skinned yin yang master had to focus on was the purging of her faults. These past days bared things she loathed remembrance of. Life and death were beautiful and without fault she couldn't embrace notion of her having them.

The bird evolved made into a much larger form. With it came the embryo of Milo's child. Next Alianette took that part of her which was associated with child raising and thoughts of the father. Relinquishing her of a task unsuited for while still ensuring the proper resolution. Of course the closer Milo came to death the sooner birth would transpire. Satisfied Ali then ventured to the tallest peek she could find.

"Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily." This quote was what was engraved in radiant yin energies into a near by stone. The phrase hailing from one Napoleon Bonoparte. A simplistic action followed just letting go and plummeting downward. It was by no means the end however, the yield of her heart registered futile of her actual essence.

(Wasn't in writing mood while fun do think post coulda been better)

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I've no ideas lol that's why I just said I wanted to do something with Coven

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Before her departure having received orders Ali turned to look her sister in the eyes. Arguably the closest Ali had shown so far of compassion. The most distinguishable look of pride. The meaning behind it perhaps ever vague as her words followed. "Shiho you're sensei is you." Using sign language to help Ali didn't bother to speak Japanese. Feeling that all such did was cater to the great combatant. Wounds left to be, Ali wasn't asked to heal such wounds so she wouldn't. As adorable and more importantly powerful and unrivaled as Shiho was she still fell short of taking charge to Ali. A leader couldn't say maybe they needed to chose one or the other.

But then again the Yin Yang Master had fallen short herself. Ashamed as she might be perhaps it was better that she save herself. After all she's the one that on any day danced with death. Nobody could just casually rise from the dead like her. Ishin needed Her to come back into this world, Shiho seemed in need of Ishin, Lady Coven could rise no farther, her brother Oni had no place. Alianette in her own eyes seemed the only one truelly independent.


So the soul claimer ventured towards the traitor. Strong speculation and clear advances made her know his next ploy. Abrupt conclusion presented only made it more obvious. Not wanting it to happen this way, several steps were put forward to insure certain end. From the taking of the soul, to extraction of blood, removal of unique gifts, diseases, sensory depriving effects. Every possible spiritual, chakra and medical focused ploy she could fathom was set in place. Her dying wish being to kill Milo or at least insure his demise. He'd have his way for the time she was 'owned' but the master of life and death didn't lose.

Entering the cave she glared at the sight of the raven, then scoffed at plotted course only she knew and only she could do. "In your quest for power you lost control." Placing hand towards exit of the chasm a whirlwind of fire propelled from her hand. "Grand as that trick is, it only evolves to bigger flames." Letting the fire end she then snapped her fingers a single ember hovering in the air. "This spark however such a basic becomes" a snap of her finger again and the bird was incinerated nothing but ash in the wind. Remnants destined to a place of seaming insignificance. "All the power in the world is nothing if you can't use it with versatility."

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@impero: @tranquil:

"No I know how to use it I just have to uncover them. It's as developed as yours I don't need you Milo. Gain from a fight is attributed to skill and effort not the victim of your skill." She watched the efforts towards aiding the raven. An action that was swift and ultimantly destructive. Agitated Ali sat before the man with feathery charred corpse. Gradually the bird rose to squawk in pain brought back to life. And in time it looked just as it had before Milo's efforts. "When I come back hopefully it's not a corpse."

With that the soul taking teen ventured towards her mother and her brother acquiring power and the end of what had been an emotional weight. Just acting on a behalf of her master in her reasoning but acquiring personal acomplishment. It was an overnight venture a simple removal of something needing removed. Alianette reamerging as the rising set on the Reisho mountains Ali ventured to the triumphant Impero. Her sister and superior gained by a grasp of power by mutation that Ali viewed as the most prosperous of any power. Though she'd be forever jealous of her own inferiority and lower standing do to Shiho. For even if Alianette did what no other resident could, the granting of life after an actual lengthy time dead, she still seemed small in the eyes of Ishin. A burden to say the least, still the thought of aiding Milo of betraying her father and sister held more significance then honored alliance to a traitor.

"Shiho, Milo requests your presence" a small needle being thrown in nearby map. "Please do this clan a favor and end him. Preferably end me as well, bested by Heavens Eyes I became his servant. I'd rather not be." The sister of death deeply wishing for an escape from aiding Milo, that and it wasn't like the end was permanent for the master of Yin and Yang.

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"My kind?" Her brow raising in curiosity as she coddled the ravaged bird. "Fights often provide benefits, weapons from a kill, unique skills. Don't attribute my triumph as something you did." A distant part of her voice suggesting a hint of playfulness. "It starts with being open in ones desires. Life and death is easily attributed to things like love and hate. For me it was usually geared to my love of learning or disdain for one Lady Coven. By doing this you help open the distant pool of yin and yang. Course a skilled individual can just open these naturally but can't expect that from you." Pausing Ali sighed "sorry. Ehm focus as if trying to bloodbend this little guy. Then aim more so towards the energy directly connected to the heart and direct it outwards focusing on the wings. Careful though as propelling the energy to quickly or to much may trigger yang over yin."

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"All you did was have the eyes for me to splice with my own you did me no favor. Don't attribute my success as your genorisity or reward. Offer something real if you want to imply prosperous conclusion or be honest and say there is nothing in this for me, I don't care." Similarities to her attitude resided with her tone evident of annoyance. "And tell me what does air Yoso have to do with Yin or Yang? Congratulations on achieving nothing manipulating the blood yanked the bird back down. "Again."