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Define at which point you mean for Asura. He gets several power-ups through-out. If you mean pre-dlc last boss, then he easily solos this.

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As far we know, the revealing spell only works on magic cloaking. There is no guarantee it would even work on Predator's cloak since it is tech.

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Yeah I'm joking, the DBZ team here may stomp nearly if not all the entire Justice League but not the God-lvl figures of DC like Spectre or presents. For Goku, he in God mode should take out Superman, Wonder Women, Flash, Batman (With 1 weeks prep) by himself

How does Goku beat the Flash?

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Before you guys say JLA win, you have to realize that there are 2 galaxy busters here. Can any of the JLAs do that?

I already replied to you. Captain Atom can take off his containment suit and universe bust. JLA wins this.

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@daddy_cool_dude: This is horribly stacked against DBZ. Not to mention you included Super Perfect Cell but not Buuhan or Kid Buu. You also gave Supes 1 week to sundip. Why? That's a terrible Idea. JLA stomps

Bills can bust galaxies. Cell can obliterate solar system.

Captain Atom can universe bust.

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hen I say crush, I don't mean in the actually sense of the word.

IT has been responded to by people that have much much slower reaction time than The Flash. Kid Buu is one and Super 17 is another (if you count GT. I personally don't)

Point being, that's just not fast enough. If it's a fight to the death, Flash will start serious. He might not be blood lust, IMP at start serious, but Goku can not tag The Flash.

Please don't bring up GT.

Btw IT is faster than flash in every single way, the only people faster than IT are Zoom level.

True people have reacted to IT, but saying "Point being, that's just not fast enough." when it's literally infinitely faster than Flash is a bit much, regardless current Goku can tap into God mode at



Flash doesn't start off giving everything he's got, he's never done that.

Either way Flash wins, as you said he could react to IT, but I doubt you've seen any of the clips from the movie of Goku using it, he's on a different level that the IT that was used before, he's mastered it in combat.

Flash gets serious then wins, it's out of character to blitz right off the bat.

Flash is faster than instant and he clearly looks relaxed doing it.

Regardless if Flash is "serious" or not he is also working with the world in slow motion.

Flash could also steal Goku's speed and make himself faster.

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bills clears obviously

the amount of fanboyism on this website is ridiculous

You can't make a thread with bias where you have already decided who the winner will be. I am flagging this topic.

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SSJ4 is 10x stronger than SSJ3. Based on feats alone, SSJ4 gets slaughters but some early DBZ villains but to take GT scaling into account we really need to know a proper mulitplier for SSJG. We don't know how much stronger (if at all) Goku is as an SSJ4 than an SSJG.

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Watched Kick-Ass yesterday...

Hit Girl wins.

Notice she's not just fast and accurate, she's also a bullet-timer.

She beat a bunch of thugs, nothing Punisher didn't also do in his own movie.