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Hey! I was just wondering if anyone knows how to get an image to show up for a volume? I submitted a new volume, Z the Dream Warrior, and is was accepted. But there's no image for it until you click the text. Then, you see the image as an issue. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to edit or create an image for the volume? THANKS!

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This was also a point in the "Streets of Poison" arc... when Cap had the serum removed from his bloodstream...(with some pretty slick Ron Lim art).

And, at one point, Cap's serum was explained to actually NOT be a serum, but closer to that of a VIRUS. The virus caused a definitive change in Cap's genetic structure. So, unlike a serum that would ultimately run its course (as mentioned above), the virus altered him permanently on a genetic level.

Personally, I think it would be cool to explain it away as being a combination of the serum AND being frozen in the water where Cap was found...that the combination of the water (Atlantean?!?), the serum and the vita-rays (of course) altered Cap's body chemistry in some "never been done before" ways...

So, whatever Brubaker has going down now, is.....???

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The Skull's jacket looks awesome. It is sculpted, right? Is any part of the jacket actually fabric?

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Usually, downloads are available at a reduced price. It's hard to say where this is going, but DC has started to state things like "will be available for download" with their new releases when they solicit orders. And, here in my "regular" American small city, we are down to ONE comic shop. If that one remaining comic shop has customers opting for downloads over hard copies, that shop SUFFERS. I agree with Aztek_the_Lost, it's not that downloads don't have a place or reason, it's just that the industry has always been based on hard copies. But now, more and more, it appears they may want to move from that format.

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Save for the ability to read the material, the digital copy doesn't have any material retention to the sale itself...and, exactly; a digital work will never AGE. If you held Amazing Fantasy #15 on a CD, I think people would shrug. But if you held the actual 1962 version, you would probably feel like you are holding history (or check your pulse).

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That ramp on page 1, for a jump that long, is the whackiest vertical panel I have seen in 2011. A ramp that size looks like it would be for jumping Galactus, not a two-care high pile-up. He's a great artist, but obviously not an X-Games fan.

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@The Dark Huntress: Cool, thanx!

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If, "All new pages go through a moderation check and are either approved or denied within 24 hours," what does it mean if 24 hours have expired and nothing has happened (no rejection or approval)? Wait, wait for a reject, or re-submit?

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Using Chrome and was able to submit, THANKS!

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Is there a trick to getting a new volume submitted for review with a moderator? Every time I fill out the required fields, I get a little "page error" at the bottom of the page and nothing is submitted.

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