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This topic is what I been expecting since I saw the movie. Yes, I also think that Man of Steel doesn't feel like a Superman Movie. But let me explain... theres a difference from the Supermans across the years: Theres the original Superman that Siegel and Shuster created on the early issues of Action Comics. In those years Superman was powerful and righteous, but it was also a misterious figure. As a reader you knew he was Clark but in a world with the technology and comunications of the '30s you could figure out that nobody else knew it. Then little by little Supes was getting much more character. He wasn't just a guy that escapes from Lois and turn into Superman. Clark was the representation of the underdog. Clark was like the boys that read his adventures. He pretend that he was clumsy to keep his secret. That automaticly make a conection with the readers. We all want to put on a cape and straight thing up with bullies, and Clark a regular guy from Kansas, a clumsy reporter from the Planet, a secret worshiper of Lois fit exactly in our fantasies, mostly because we need to think that we were not so clumsy, not so regular and finally because all of us want to think that all we have to do is to put on a cape and get the girl at the end. Some writers made Clark really anoying, almost wimpy, others (like on the tv series with George Reeves, or much later with Dean Cain) give a strong fiber to Clark (the clearest example in comics is maybe the John Byrne run on Superman books). Clark and Superman change with time and the authors. Some give Clark a mayor role being Superman just a mask. Some give Superman the main role and Clark was just the glasses behind Supes hides. What is certain is that the character gets more personality across the years. I like the movie because it was Ma and Pa Kent the ones that we saw in it. I like the movie because I recognise Jor-l as the rebel version that I knew over the years. Those people made Superman, that was something that I like. I like certain changes in the mythology, like the death of Pa Kent, it wasn't the way that it's writen in the comics, but you have to recognise that on this days, is much harder that the situatios depicted in Superman comic book history make sense. Instead of explain how the goverment skip the search for Supes rocket, the writers gave us the constant fear of a father for protecting his son, the need that Johnatan Kent has for giving him time to be strong enogh to confront a world that would see him with fear. I like that it was a good touch to make Pa Kent a strong character on this movie.

The whole killing and heroic thing. I think that the part that I missed particularly was the heroic part. It wasn't enough. I wanna see Supes in much trouble to save people, needing to use all his powers to be on any place posible. That's what I missed. I don't think that Supes has to be better than us. I think that is a character that was created for us to feel related to him. I missed a part that clearifies me why this guy, that has powers beyond belief, that losts his father for fear of what humanity would do if knews about him, cares for us. Yes I know is his mother, but I need a frase, something, because on the movie it wasn't clear, and on action scenes that feeling is always hidden by the explosions.

But inspite of if all, I was thrilled about the fight with Zod. It was spectacular. I felt that I was seeing the fight of Supes and Doomsday. That's the power level of that fight. As every comic book movie, it has that you don't believe... but hey the times has change. I recognise the characters. I recognise Clark/Superman, and this 2013 version of a character created on 1938, is quite good. I really enjoyed it.

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It's nice to see a so well written story (by that I'm talking of the three movies, as one whole story) I think (and is only my opinion) that the story is one of the best of Batman. Certanly is the best story of all the Batman movies. But I think that we see Batman in these movies, but we never see Bruce Wayne. To clarify these concept: I agreed the concept that the Batman is a force larger than a human being. I see that in the movies, but I didn't see Bruce. To me Bruce was the obsesed child that lost his parents, but also Bruce was the detective, the inteligence behind the cape. The drive that impulses him when his mastermind habilities fail, that was in a greater way Batman. Batman almost always swallow Bruce. Often Bruce is only the receptacle of the entity. A human being that is possesed by the demon, the cry for justice, the spirit of vengance: The Batman. That is the Batman that most of the authors (Moore, Miller, etc.) show to us in later years. But what about the detective? Where's Bruce? Because Bruce was the detective. Bruce was the part of Batman that uses not only his hability of develope gadgets, but also a detective with a power of deduction that rivals with Sherlock Holmes. The battle with Joker in The Dark Knight was glorious, but it was a battle of ideals. It was corruption against some kind of common wellfare, or maybe a better name for it would be "moral principles". The battle between the intellect of the Joker and the intellect of Batman was lost from the beginning (maybe that's why the joker was so good, because he was the force of the corruption of this world. A new kind of human. A survivor in a corrupted world). But the Batman of the movies acted, do, his strategies were always direct actions. That's my point the human behind the cloack, was an orphan, was a man obssesed, was possesed by a force of good, that acts like the criminals. But that human was not Bruce. That human was never the detective that wears the cloack of Batman, that is driven with this force in the comics. I think those are the true characteristics of Bruce. I think that the moments when you see Batman planning, reasoning, thinking are the parts where the readers could see Bruce behind the mask.

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Think about it, when you're reading certain comics what do soundtrack is in your head or in your headphones. Example: Watchmen with Portishead Dummy.

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Being a mutant that was born several years ago. Think about it  James Howlett was Logan Aka: Wolverine and non of us knew nothing about that till recently.

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Please fix it allready, or answer, because you're not helping.