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I would say Mr. Schwarzenegger's Terminator takes the cake in this battle. since he has a higher endurance, strength and intellectual capacity than Robocop. In terms of weaponry, I think Robocop might have a chance, unless the Terminator can improvise or cull weaponry from his vicinity.

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@nickj54: When I say uncanny abilities, I mean taking Jason's supernatural powers into consideration such as super strength (as demonstrated throughout the Friday the 13th films), immortality (as you've said) and paranormal senses. However, since he can't turn the whole battle to his advantage via reality manipulation or godlike powers (which Freddy does), then I say Rorschach and Nite Owl II would win because they have the agility and martial skills to defeat Jason.
@Chatterb0x: Hybrid version of both comic and film, actually. Same goes for Rorschach and Nite Owl II. While it may be true that Jason can set traps for his victims, but the two heroes are good escapologists so such hurdles set up by the undead serial killer won't be a problem for them.
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They always come prepared in every battle against the criminals they face, such as the Underboss. Nite Owl II and Rorschach both have the technical know-how and abilities to defeat Jason, especially in a hand-to-hand fight. But if Jason can use his uncanny ability, then he might have a chance of winning.

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Two partners, Nite Owl II, a man who is torn between the choice of having a normal life and returning to a life of a superhero, and Rorschach, a trenchcoat-and-fedora-clad dark hero who creeps in the shadows of the night, team up to fight their worst enemy in their crimefighting career yet: an invincible undead juggernaut with a traumatized childhood, Jason Voorhees. Who will emerge victorious? My vote would be on Nite Owl II and Rorschach, since they are both skilled fighters who have the abilities to take down Jason but despite this, the latter will still rise again to fight (or kill, in his case) another day.

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Superhuman strength and unarmed combat for me, source of power comes from cybernetic implants.

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I would have to say it's sort of a mix of both, although I used the image of the comic book version of Rorschach, as you can see.

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Both vigilantes sharing a common motive, Rorschach and Cassie Hack, fight each other to the death in a cold, deserted alley. Rorschach is armed with his grappling gun and butcher knife
while Cassie Hack wields a handgun and her favorite baseball bat. No prep time. Who would win?