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The Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett, by Daniel Keys Moran, from the Tales of the Bounty Hunters anthology. The best Boba Fett story ever written.

The original Star Wars audiodrama from NPR is also brilliant.

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Thor, and all attempts to integrate Norse and Classical mythology into mainstream comics for that matter, are just really weird. You have this world based heavily in science, with most characters having science-based powers and fighting foes created by mad science. And all of a sudden, here's...the Norse God of Thunder? Uh, okay then.

Maybe it's that weirdness that makes Thor so effective. He seems out of place and otherworldly, something even the super geniuses he fights with have problems understanding. That makes me buy into him as a god and a symbol of righteous power. It's the same thing Superman and many other flying bricks go for, but few pull it off as well as Thor does.

Plus, his costume is the definition of old-school awesome. Just put a few lightning bolts behind that thing and you're in business.

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A random, contrived marriage ends in a random, contrived separation.

At least there's a kind of poetry to it.

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The Dark Night is not only the best Batman story ever put on film, it's one of the best thrillers ever made. It transcends the source material. I'm sure there are still a few diehards out there that want to see the Animated Series translated frame for frame into live action, but they're a minority. Nolan made possibly the best film in the last ten years with The Dark Knight.

And I say this as someone who thinks 90% of DC is crap.

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  • Harry Potter started amusing, got too big for its britches and ended in crap. 
  • Transformers sucks.  And has always sucked
  • The same for every form of GI Joe
  • The same for Mortal Kombat
  • Modern art blows most "real" art out of the water
  • People in the United States should pay much higher taxes
  • ...and should seriously get over driving
  • The Chicago Cubs are the only team in baseball that's more appalling than the Yankees.
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Anyone with a little creativity and paint thinner, which canonically kills toons dead.  Also, the eraser (aka the animators).

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So, Not-Midnighter and Apollo versus Superman and Plot-Device Batman.  How fair.   As Buckshot said, raw power-wise Superman will make the difference here (I assume a non-stacked match, because the conditions are absurd).  I think a good deal of this hinges on whether or not they're in character, which if we're debating "Superman" and "Apollo" and not "Powerset A" and "Powerset B" they should be.  I'd be very interested to see how Superman would deal with someone as ruthless and intelligent as Apollo.  I doubt he would go all out in time to stop Midnighter massacring Bruce, which would happen very quickly if he's allowed to, you know, use his powers.

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From what I remember, it took specialized equipment, circumstances and a lot of timing and luck for Dick to take down Blockbuster, and even then Dick was scared as hell doing it.  He's always seemed like a character who was keenly aware of his purely human physical limits, which is why he uses his exceptional agility and acrobatics to take on physically superior opponents.  I don't know if that will work on Ravager, who's an incredible athlete in her own right and enhanced to boot.  This will come down to skill and experience, which fighter can use their knowledge of the other to create opportunities.  That's a game I can see Dick winning if Ravager is as unstable as I remember her being.  Dick excels at manipulating mentally unfocussed opponents.  Dealing with a mostly insane rogues gallery for your entire life will do that.

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Given that this is massively stacked (complete knowledge?  Morals off?  Why are morals always off for supes characters?), it still stops at Doom, assuming competent writing.  He's fended off much worse than a punch from a flying brick, as has been amply proved in this thread.  Properly written, Doctor Doom is one of the most formidable characters in all of comics.

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He's as he should be.