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How can you guys just write taskmasters martial arts skills off, yes batman is supposed to have learned every martial art but that doesn't give him an edge over someone like taskmaster. A character who has an encyclopedic knowledge of skills and methods you guys seem to be forgetting that TM runs a supervillian training program how do you think he can train others without having extensive knowledge and because of his powers perfect form every single time.

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The DB can't use multiple shouts at once as soon as ethereal's effect stops DB is dead. Besides BB doesn't even have to use a full word while the DB has to shout a three word phrase for full effect

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@CitizenBane said:

@Nessy said:

Death from Darksiders wields a scythe though...while death from marvel is less powerful than her own herald with a glove?

I like how you reduced the Infinity Gauntlet to "a glove".

@Shawnbaby said:

@Nessy: in the same sense that a scythe is just a gardening tool.

I laughed sooo hard when I read this

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I think that the main point about the T-1000 is being missed, its not supposed to attack people head to head. The T-1000 was built as an assasin model (Hence the camoflage).

As far as strength feats go the T-1000 is supposed to be several times more powerful than the T- 800(Arnold) who is supposed to be at least a one tonner. Iron man seems to be at least a 5 tonner in the movies, that being said he wouldn't be able to grab the T-1000 so I don't think that has anything to do with it.

The T-1000 wouldn't have to pierce the armour so much as bonde with the outside of the suit and destroy stark like that.....

and worst actor ever.... David Caruso

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I like both characters here but this battle depends entirely on what weapons deapool has at his disposal, what the scenario is and what the location is.

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If Hulk claps his hands or stomps his feet hes got Flash, otherwise Flash would beat him.


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No contest Destroyer all the way, only possibility for ultimaton would be it's superior intelligence

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hasn't magneto stopped bullets before though

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@Soulstealer said:

@Hoboseid said:

Ultimates Magento made a fool of Thor

Ultimate Universe should never come up when dealing with 616. lol

@lilron890 said:

Well since on the marvel website it says magneto can control all metal i belive he can control thors hammer.

I point to Non-ferrous metals. That's not to say that Magneto couldn't do something with them, but that's to say that actively manipulating metals should come on a case by case bases rather than sweeping generalizations. Especially when it comes to metals existent only in the Marvel Universe such as adamantium, vibranium, uru, and the various organic forms of materials that mutants are capable of becoming or being made of.

I agree with that completely

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Can someone please explain to me how powerful Magneto's shield is? i know he stopped a couple nukes and blocked the phoenix force for a few seconds but could it stopp the hulk? how does it even work and can he multi task while using the shield, like put up the shield and throw a bus for example