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It's nice to see X-23 taking up the mantle of Wolverine, but wish had her original gear. The Reign of Superman, had their different customs.

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Man, Marvel has always had a problem with spider woman and claims "We don't know what to do with her", hell spider girl is doing great. Watching some youtube and the history of Jessica Drew was always getting the crap stick. I know some people would say let see were this is going, oh not very good message and trying to go for some made up target market. Her original custom was the most creative custom every in my option. This is more excuses to kill the series and put this character in the corner. Be some side character in a avengers series or be spider-man side kick. These red herring throw me off the comics books really quick. Have a female Thor, but no spider woman comic, very nice indeed. Candy butt writer/editor, nice indeed.

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When the bad guys kill each other. Never like too much when bad guys turn good and past sins are forgiven. Its bad enough when they steal the show. When they are really human and we should look the other way. Differently like it when the bad guys pit each other and not have the hero stand in. Usually, the hero will hold back, but when two bad guys go at each throats, its more fun. Sometimes I think the writers/editors love the heavies, too much. Most people want to see the hero and bad guy, it so annoy to see them struggle ( the hero). On a side note, have the hero watch the bad guys fight each other with some popcorn for entertainment value.

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This is too much of a cash grab to me. Oh my god, I was watching some news and they think its progressive thing. Yes, its okay to target market, but if you alienate your base. You still lose, all you doing is a shell game. Nowadays, I don't pick up any Marvel, once they start doing things to x-men, I figure something wrong here. I like for woman to become powerful, right here is your borrowing someone else spot light and you can not stand on your own; this is the message for me.

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My big complaint of superhero comics is when they feel sorry for the bad guy. Always, recycle the same bad guy over and over, again. Something like the Joker, who keeps on attacking on Batman. I'd never really believe in being fair to the bad guy, either lock him up or put him to death( hey you guys wanted reality in it, well here you go). Something like the Joker can never reform, some people can, but others can not. With all the olive branches in the world can not stop this guy, more likely he would throw them on the ground and spit at them. Another problem is the reboot strategy, is bring in the new blood and tell it a different way. Get rid of the old guy who complain and knows the stuff. When the strategy should be to bring in both old and new markets = more money.

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Oh man, it wasn't bad enough that Bane broke the Bats and now Sups. I wish that Batman give Superman a Mega punch like DoomsDay and we call it even.

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I like the ice cream WW :) Anyways, nice look for her and for some reason she could be a Simon Belmont and know she doesn't look like him, but the armor is almost the same. (Super Castlevania VI), yes he's in gold and WW is red, white, and blue. (Lasso of Truth, Vampire Killer Whip) I like it when WW is in the America colors than a global citizen punk diet uniform. One, thing who buys the comic the most, I don't know maybe freaking AMericans!?

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I think that was pretty hot with wonder woman, nice :)

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I saw the movie and enjoy it. I was looking at the wikipedia and saw the gross number and was shocked. I refresh the page and say what. Anyways, I hope there's a squeal "At the London Film and Comic Con in July 2012, Garland said that a North American gross of over $50 million for Dredd would make sequels possible and that he had plans for a trilogy of films. A second film would focus on the origins of Dredd and Mega-City One, and a third would introduce Dredd's nemeses, the undead Judge Death and his Dark Judges. In August 2012, Garland said that a Judge Dredd television series would be a positive future step for the series. In September 2012, Garland said that he would explore the "Origins" and "Democracy" storylines, would introduce characters Judge Cal and Chopper, and would pursue the concept that Judge Dredd is a fascist. Also in September, Macdonald said that further films would be made in partnership with IM Global and would likely be shot in South Africa.[" wikipedia and thought it would be cool on what happen. I know happen, but I like to watch on a movie what happen and the "big lie".

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I was looking at the comments, for one, if the writers have MJ put it together by the mannerism. You can't tell a person is different in combat, they would says he's being aggressive. Unless, someone teach Peter Parker in Martial Art, then they will figure it out, every body has their take on a kick or a punch, that's the nature of the beast. If MJ kiss him she will know, its like a finger print.