the alchemists creation

kenny m. adam was a member of the CIA for 5 years before he tried out for a science experiment that SHIELD needed volenteers for. he was the perfect subject because he had no family and the CIA had erased his name from gov. files, he didnt exist. SHIELD was testing the newly created atomic teleportation device. the machine de-magnetized the cocpit and lifted electrons off the subjects atomic mass, thus turning the subject into a gas. the gas was shot down a tube and on the other end was remagnitized and condenced into the subjects original form. when ken came out the otherside of the divice his atoms woldnt settle down, he was constantly changing shape and element. he was contained by SHIELD and adams made an agreement to give all the money he had gotten for being a test subject in return for something that would settle down his atoms. SHIELD made a power suit that let adams channal the power and supported his muscular system. SHIELD realized adams potencial power and tried to confine him. ken promptly turned his fist into lead and smashed there skulls in. shortly after he turned a nearby wall into gas and made an escape. ken currently goes by the name alchemist for his ability to ater a materials dencity, therefor being able to make that material go up or down on the elemental scale (eg. lead to gold, iron to helium), and wheres the power suit full time.

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