Posted by Decoy Elite

I'm pretty sure Rick has never beaten a robot or show the kind of feats required to dodge laser fire.

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rick beats me in a stomp

Posted by Xanni15

Ask him why he let Lori die, and then make fun of his stupid hat.

Posted by tomlikesfries

I die, which is basically the answer for most of the "You vs. ----" threads.

Posted by Jean199999

I've seen him fight, I think I can hold my own, I'm no walker.

Posted by YoungJustice

Rick is too emotional, he wouldn't kill anyone underage.

Posted by Bossmonster

I would mess Rick up. I haven't seen him go in h2h against any one that was good minus Shane and Shane was beating him up.

I'd get as close as I could before throwing the knife at his inner leg. Nail him, then fling a fist full of dirt in his fact. Follow that up with a Spinning hook kick and drop him. Finish him with his knife and go home.

Posted by Alchemax_7

@Bossmonster: After you walk away you realise you just killed Andrew Lincoln.

Posted by heroesgold

I'm half Chuck Norris I should be able to win.