I recently added the series to my pull-list because it was recommended by one of my followers. It seems really good and funny but I just wanted a seconded opinion. Would any of you recommend it also?

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Posted by SmashBrawler


Posted by Alchemax_7

@SmashBrawler: Your enthusiasm is a clear indication.

Posted by JonSmith
Posted by Icarusflies

@Alchemax_7: It's fun! Now probably isn't a great jumping-on point should get some trades if you can.

Posted by joeagentofhand1

I just began reading it and in my opinion it is amazing

Posted by danhimself

without a doubt...I would recommend it to everyone

Posted by Alchemax_7

@Icarusflies: Yeah I was planning to start from the beginning if I picked it up but I'm defiantly sure I'm going to get it now.

@JonSmith: Your enthusiasm scares me a little. 10 hours repeated "YES" I don't think people want to walk on the same side of the street as you. But thank you for posting.