Defensive Weapons

If you were attacked and you could pull out of your pocket or through a void in space/time if no pockets exist on your piece of clothing and it could be any weapon from Comics, Video games, Movies, etc. What would it be?

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Posted by MonsterStomp

Silenced pistol. My signature weapon of choice. My "Go To" weapon.

Posted by Decoy Elite

My floor.

Posted by Bruxae

Probably something like this and it would never go back in my pocket.

Posted by Alchemax_7

@Bruxae: If you mean by never going back in your pocket you're going use it for your own intentions. The Weapon after use disappears.

Posted by michaelthemighty17

infinnity guantlet

Posted by minigunman123

The Spectre.

Victory is mine!

Posted by Pyrogram

A shark.