Injustice #1

I just read the issue on Comixology. I thought it was a nice start to a game tie-in. What were your thoughts on the issue? A certain violent occurrence at the end was a bit too soon or a bit unnecessary this early in but I understand it could affect the characters a fair bit so maybe in the long run it'll work better though.

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I recently added the series to my pull-list because it was recommended by one of my followers. It seems really good and funny but I just wanted a seconded opinion. Would any of you recommend it also?



If were you lived unfortunately caught fire and you only had time to save One Comic, and One Collectable that you own. What would it be? Family, Friends, Partners, Pets are all safe, so you don't worry about them.


Defensive Weapons

If you were attacked and you could pull out of your pocket or through a void in space/time if no pockets exist on your piece of clothing and it could be any weapon from Comics, Video games, Movies, etc. What would it be?


Man of Steel

In the films trailers and images so far we've seen Henry Cavil as Superman, Greatest catch Clark with macho beard. But I'm wondering how he'll portray glasses, bad posture Clark.


Walkers vs. Batman

If Gotham was over run with walkers and Batman was one of the few surviving citizens, Would he be over run? Or could he contain them and attempt to develop a cure for the virus? No addition support by members of the Bat-Family save Alfred. Batman has no knowledge that all of them are infected, only knows if you get bit, you're a dead.


If Bane had access to Venom in TDKR

If TDKR's version of Bane had access to Venom in the film, Could he have achieved his goal? Christopher Nolan's Batman universe is grounded and realistic but if they did decide to adapt Venom into the story, I wonder how the events in the film would play out then.

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