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LOL! Come follow and I'll follow back!

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@Vance Astro said:

@KINGJAMES447 said:

or people could start using condoms....

You might as well not even have sex at that point.


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@InnerAssassin said:

@AlanisMorissette: Are you stupid? I'm calling you out of all people on this thread because you were rude towards me and everyone else was pretty supportive.

LOL! Who said my original post was rude though? That's just them being biased on the fact that I'm supplying you real figures. Look, I'm not here to give you a shoulder to lay your head down because frankly, there is no shoulder to give. This is the internet, so I can only give you real figures through my expression of words. What you did was in fact too direct! You don't even know her and she doesn't even know you! So don't be surprised that she blew you off. She would of have done that to anyone stranger, not just you.

That's real life buddy.

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just being straight up by trying to feed you that knowledge. But you don't have to care, It won't hurt my feelings. My typing on a forum is just a hobby despite my sincerities.

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@InnerAssassin said:

@Jezer: Thanks guy.

@AlanisMorissette: Stop quoting yourself because I couldn't care less what you write. You are quiet annoying so just leave the thread if you don't believe what she said. That goes for the both of you believe it or not there are girls who actually SAY WORDS LIKE THAT WHICH SEEMS TO BE A SHOCKER TO YOU for some reason.

LOL! You mean you couldn't care less of what anyone writes so don't just call it out on me. It's okay though. Growing up takes time. ;)

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LOL! It's funny bc I don't know if any one here is as coffee crazy as I am, but I looove coffee! Anyway! I usually brew my own coffee at home with the brands you see in the title. But on the go, I occasionally visit the above stores to get some hot drink for this winter season. My town is filled with Starbucks and Peets in just about every corner of town, but the next town 20 mins away has a small coffee shop called Gloria Jeans! Now, I don't know if a lot of you pungent people on comicvine has ever heard of Gloria Jeans, but their coffee is absolutely amazing! If you have one near your vicinity, please try it. You will get a huge assortment of flavors and styles you wouldn't of have imagined before coming from a coffee joint! Well now! It's time to do what I originally intended this thread to be before I opened this thread. VOTE & RATE!!! As you can see, you will share your rating below regarding the three major franchise. You can be as bias as you want. This is after all a thread of opinion!

Rating from 1 to 10:

Starbucks = 7

Peets = 5

Gloria Jeans = 10

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@InnerVenom123 said:


Could you please.

Stop typing.


Every other sentence?


If you were actually laughing that much, you wouldn't be able to type.

So stop it.

LOL! I'm not really laughing out loud when I type, but I do snicker alot. I substitute LOL for *Snickering* because its that much simpler to type. I'm very giddy so let that not bother you that I express my giddiness before I express my points. Think of my LOL as Floopay's "Thank's for Reading". :)

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LOL! Well art is art! But a comic book without words is a comic book finished in 5 seconds.

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@Jezer said:

@InnerAssassin said:

Today when she was alone I walked over and just said Hey wanna go see a movie this Friday maybe with some friends? I think she was in shock or deaf she didn't answer then turned to me and said I would rather die then be caught at the movies with you. You are an ugly nerd.

Please tell me you're joking? Like, do people actually say that in real life?

If thats how the girl rejects guys, then you obviously were not pursuing a quality girl.


Tell me, do you think I'm a troll after reading all I've said up top? You're probably the most reasonable person on here.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

That dialogue is a bit cliche.

LOL! I know RIGHT!?

"Hey wanna go see a movie this Friday maybe with some friends?"

Does she even know who you are? You can't just walk up to someone and ask them that! LOL! Does the majority of people who've commented not know that beyond the internet is not lala land? LOL!


@InnerAssassin said:

Ok there is this girl i have a large amounts of feelings for. She probably doesn't even know me or know i exist but im in love. I cant get enough courage up to ask he out or confess my feelings to embarrassed ill make a fool of myself.... HELP?

Tell me.... Is that not even a tad bit creepy?

Get real! LOL! Know the person a little 1st before you try to win their affection.