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@Tanner_Brenkov: "Hardly a light undertaking."

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@Tanner_Brenkov: "And what duties are you given in this form?"

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@Tanner_Brenkov: "I see. And how long have you been the Plant Man? How was the mantle passed to you?"

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@Tanner_Brenkov: "I have no doubt that they will learn," Akube said, mounting his hover cycle, "I only doubt that the world will let them choose." He slowly ascended over the street. "Who is this... old one?"

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@Tanner_Brenkov: "Have I?" Akube asked, turning to the Plant Man, "How much have I changed? How many of them will pack up their things and search for a better life tomorrow? How many of them will never know the corrosive burn of another man's blood on their hands? How many of them will never see the inside of a prison cell? When the police find them, do you think they will see boys who have changed their ways? Tell me in what way exactly I have done well."

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Look out, folks. Akube just speechified

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@Tanner_Brenkov: Fists cloaked in gray tore through the smoke, slamming with harsh but ultimately harmless force on the gunmen. The persona of the Bodyguard, the infamous man in black, was one to be feared, but beneath it, Akube hated himself for every punch he threw, and had remained under the tutelage of his masters for years after his mastery of the combat arts to learn how to control his power, to chain the storm, as one of his senseis put it. If possible, he wouldn't even break bone, as easy as it would be. Instead, he simply knocked them back, disarmed them, and put them in a position where they could no longer kill each other. He had spent many long nights reading over heartbreaking tales of America's street gangs, the Latin Kings in New York, the Crips and Bloods in Los Angeles. He was nearly moved to tears over the body count of a war which began with racial segregation and was only exacerbated by the public's willingness to let it continue, their complacency towards bloodshed as long as it wasn't in their neighborhood. These were children. Boys who had only barely become men with guns in their hands. He had seen this too often in his home to let it continue here, he was too angered by the sight of it to simply give them a sanctimonious beating and move on to other matters. The complacency and the acceptance stopped here. It stopped with him. "Listen to me!" he roared as the gas began to part, "I know you. I have fought to help children like you all my life. I have buried too many. I will not stand by and let you destroy yourselves in the same fashion. I know... you're scared. You know that this is the way it has always been. It's the way it was yesterday, and the way it will be tomorrow... but it doesn't have to be. When I see this... when I see innocent children throwing themselves away because it is what the world programmed them to do, I'm filled with fear... a greater fear than any who live in luxury and safety could ever understand. It's not fair, it was never built to be fair, but we cannot repair it by killing each other. No speech can change the world you find yourselves trapped in. No words can overpower the situation you have been born into... but if you trust me... please, lay down your guns. Set aside your rivalries and make peace. Become brothers once again. If not..." he held his arms wide, bowing his head to invite any attack. He wanted them to know how much it meant to him, that his words were true, and thatif they did not listen to him, he did not want to live.

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Akube doesn't like to let people know that he has fun, but he owns a record collection and knows every song in Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" by heart.

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@Tanner_Brenkov: The bottle was snatched from the air as Akube dove down on his cycle. He set it to hover and jumped off the back, landing and rolling on the asphalt. The molotov coktail rattled down into the storm drain and Akube stood with his back to the Plant Man. A thick white smoke began rolling from the back of the bike, spreading across the battleground. "I'll get the civilians clear," he said, "Just keep their fire off me until the gas takes effect."