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@strigidae_23 : Lol, I'm gonna have my hands full but I can't say i'm disappointed about it. I can promise you big things and awesome fights tho! :)

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@strigidae_23 : I'm looking forward to whatever your cooking up. I knew this would bring out some heavy hitters.

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Thanks bruh!

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And posted! :D

Awesome my man. Setting up nicely.

Nice, I'll have a post up sometime later.

Sweet ;)

I may want to challenge your generals. Mr. Gensu seems like an interesting fellow.

Careful :P


Thats a mighty nice vessel you got there. Nice post .

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Doom Patrol! Very Nice. I have a character for this.

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I will have a post up later tonight. But no reason to wait on me if y'all want to start dropping openers. If you read my Tie-In * The Eve of War basically Tenjin will be stationed on the coast but will have mercenaries, ninjas etc spread out through the city.

*Hint: Really good read.

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@akira_overdrive: Great first post I am working on my opener.

Thank you man. Looking forward to it.

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Spectacular! I never doubted you for a moment. I expect I'll post tomorrow.

Sweet, I'm ready for ya. ;)

@akira_overdrive: I see them but that is weird.

I see them now. That was really weird, lol.

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Lol I don't know why I can't see anyone's comments. 0_0

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Tokyo or Edo as it was originally called, is one of the greatest cities on the planet Earth. Its tall buildings that displayed advanced technological designs of modern architecture rested at the center of the world mecca which was home to an advancing race of humans who pushed the boundaries of science ,business , and development while staying true to tradition forged hundreds of years in the past. The Alpha metropolis has for centuries been the seat for the Emperor of Japan and his government who rules it's forty million population with a tight a grip that has been loosening more and more because of how poorly the plague of natural disasters has been handled. Since the conception of the great empire Tokyo has always been a dangerous place to live thanks to the threat of tsunamis , earthquakes, and something primordial that was seemingly unique only to the specific geographical location of the island cities; giant monsters who have found their way through a dimensional chasm located in subterranean and aquatic depths in various surrounding areas of Japan.

Some have called these monstrous beings deities of chaos who have came from the heavens in order to occasionally cleanse the city in a raging purge, thus restoring balance to the world and Tokyo. Other's have called these terror's demons sent forth to test the will the will of man but the views on there destruction varied across the world. In the early days of Edo there was simply no stopping them and the men and woman of Japan had to simply rebuild and mourn the loss of their loved ones but as the ages moved forward they became better at killing the fiends thanks to the "super-heroes" of modern day. After nearly a decade the threat of the beast dwindled significantly and the military had developed weapons to combat the "Kaiju" but backlash from the people began to build after the government continuously refused to help the ones who suffered the most from the collateral damage. Areas that where damaged greatly became known as "Dead-Zones". These semi-radioactive sanctioned districts became desolate areas where crime flourished and hope for a better life pulled away from the hands of the people who were forced to stay there.

To go along with the creation of the Dead-Zones the government had decided to draft many young men and women against their will so that they could help the Japanese Government fight the Kaiju. This created even more tension between the rulers and the ruled and it began to reach it's boiling point, but still the people and the government had opened the doors to their home as the day arrived for them to host the Olympics. Thousands of people from every corner of the globe flocked in to witness the lighting of the torch despite the possible threat of a Kaiju striking at any moment. The Japanese army only saw this as an opportunity to display their new military might as they set up walls of heavily armed men around the coast of the city. Today every government official would be here to watch the competition between countries and Akira Yamato had constructed the perfect strategy that would see him in the throne as King of Tokyo.


Akira Overdrive listened tentatively while he stood like a statue of iron in the underground passage ways that lay below the beautiful stadium which was built to hold the Olympic Games. Behind him stood a legion of his best soldiers. A handful of the Devil's Right Hand samurai stood at the front lines as captains of the many divisons of Thrashingaikin Clan ninja who dressed in different colored camouflage garbs to distinguish their ranks. The Reckless Ronin had a look of intense focus as he awaited word from his telepathic flower Amaterasu so that he could began the overthrowing of the government. Akira did not live in doubt. He knew positively that he was the one to lead because in his mind rested hundreds of years of experience and memories passed down to him from his ancestors thanks to his Inherent Intelligence . He could recall every strategy , tactic , and political acquisition of power that the past Yamato Clan leaders have lived through and he was by far the strongest Yamato to ever live. Fate had made him the first mutant in the royal blood line and gave him gifts that no other Yamato man has had , making him the perfect candidate to show the entire world why his family name would be etched into the history of Japan forever.

A soft sweet ethereal voice began to hum in Akira's mind and he knew it was time. Amaterasu let him know that the ceremonies have started. Quickly the 14th Blade commanded his legion to disperse to the upper levels of the stadium. In a flash the Samurai disappeared with their respective squadrons into the strategic positions that was given in their directives. The grey garbed ninja who were led by Damon Hanzo would secure the perimeter of the stadium in order to stop interference from anyone who tired to enter. Their legion made themselves seen as the formed a circle of blades around the massive structure, snipers remained camouflage and ready to shoot down anyone who defied there master's will.

Satori Gensu would led the second division of ninja dressed in red to protect Akira , while also making sure that the high-ranking officials who attended did not escape. In a massive burst of telekinetic force the Raging Red Ronin shot from beneath the stadium up onto the massive field that rested in the center of the stadium and the crowd looked on in shock as they all tried to flee , but could not because of AO's ninja army. The thick cloud of ash and debris slowly cleared to reveal Akira dressed in his sleek red armor with his father's blade at his side. The half mask he wore covered the bottom part of his face and it's wide fanged smile gave Akira a sadistic look that stuck. The Yamato's smiled mimicked his masks' as he had Amaterasu commander the Tokyo's entire broadcast system so that he was displayed and heard everywhere in the country. Simultaneously she cybernetically contacted @tenjin with Akira's orders: Prevent the military from interfering and destroy any opposition. His ninja dashed with blinding speed to the skybox where the pompous officials sat, their blades easily cut through the pistol carrying men who were charged with protecting the Emperor and his council. Akira began his monologue with a muffled voice thanks to his half oni mask.

"Great people of Tokyo. I have come to relinquish you from the suffocating binds of oppression. The government has treated you with disdain as they take your children and turn them into slaves. They turn a blind eye to your fallen cities and leave the bodies buried under rubble while the select elite rest in their safe-guarded mansions. Protected from the threat of Kaiju who they barely defend against anymore. They wish to control the population with fear and propaganda , but today I, The 14th Daimyo of the Yamato Clan , Akira Yamato will usher in a new era! " his voice rang out with an infinite echo and the ninjas let the people go so that they could run to their homes or stay and watch what transpired next.

The Scarlet Shogun looked into the eyes of every soul that was watching before instantly vanishing into the skybox with his sword drawn, a camera lost him for a second but quickly latched on to his blood red attire in the luxurious viewing room with the Japanese elite.

"Now. I will rip the power you hold from your cold dead hands." AK-47 addressed his political enemies before unleashing a devastating slash that decapitated all the officials. Akira's blade did not touch them but served as the origin for the wide sweep of sharp telekinetic wave that beheaded the former governors , mayors , senators . The glass of the skybox violently erupted into an cascade of shimmering pieces after the shockwave of Akira's power followed his invisible wide slice. Most people screamed as they witnessed the vicious showing of swordsmanship, but some stood in awe and even hoped Akira would achieve his goal. They must have thought he was the leader they needed, and they would be correct in doing so. The Psychic Shogun gave an order to his general Satori to initiate the second phase of the plan and he instantly dashed towards the hole that they shot from with a squadron of shinobi. Satori was headed through the sewers to unleash something vicious.

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2015 Tokyo Olympics

So it begins. Akira Overdrive has chosen the day of the Olympic Games In Tokyo to make his claim of power. An alliance with the shadowy warlord Tenjin has created an army of warriors who will die for their masters and flood the city for control. The armies contain highly trained ninja , samurai , and Yakuza members. Akira's personal clan of ninja's and samurais are led by two master generals:

Damon Hanzo(NPC)- A deadly swordsman with the power to turn anything he touches into stone and augment his body mass to preform feats of super-strength.He leads the first division of Thrashingaikin Ninja.

Satori Gensu(NPC)- Hanzo's equal in skill has the ability to drain completely the life force of anyone through the taste of their blood. He can manipulate his chi to produce devastating blast of "black electricity". He leads the second division of ninja.

Amaterasu(Non-NPC) is a telepathic psychic entity made of pure energy who can spread her self through any piece of technology. Her telepathic powers are nearly infinite and she can take physical form whenever she wants. She is the understudy of Akira making her a deadly hand to hand combatant.

Lets have fun, please sell my two generals if you plan on engaging them(Thanks). I'll be adding more to this OP as the RPG progresses so stay informed ;)

Lets Get it !