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@tenjin: Ha! I use em way too much myself cant even front lol

Thnx. See you and AK-47 are still reppin strong, nice. Might have to take down the Wildcardz as my opening act...

Pssh G-Man, hell, the supposed Programers, they dont exist lol its all just a computer algorithm that spits out catch phrase excuses :D

We been waiting on you Fam. Lol.

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WOW. It really tried to eat my post again bro... like wtf... Luckily I copied it after writing the damn thing twice. v_v

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It had been a whole year since one of the ancient primordial beast that the Japanese called Kaiju, had even came close to the city of Tokyo. The attacks grew few and far between as the Japanese military grew in numbers, with weapon systems built specifically to destroy the behemoths that haunted and tormented them. The countries military forces had come to specialize in hunting the Kaiju down , the success rate of their defense had grown to a proficient 95% ever since they developed different means of attack with alternative weapon choices. Sonic emitters , fighter jets with anti-matter missile payloads , and meta-human assistance was pivotal in the defense of their cities, but tonight the Kaiju that emerged from a half-century slumber was an entirely different beast then what they were use to. As it's colossal body emerged from the deep sea an made it's way to Tokyo Harbor the general who specialized in destroying such creatures looked on in terror as his special field analyst ran through the database of Kaiju encounters and found nothing on the one that stomped it's way towards them. Ichi Ikazawa the battle-hardened general who ran the Coastal Defense Unit , had seen the Kaiju called the Serpent King once when he was a little boy nearly forty years ago, and a memory that haunted him deeply surfaced as he looked out to see with a blank, incoherent stare.

His lieutenant screamed loudly over the missiles and artillery shells being fired off uselessly against the scaled reptilian goliath. The soldiers fired without the generals order for fear of their lives. It took Ikazawa a minute to snap back to reality from his nightmarish flashback of the first time he witnessed a Kaiju, the same Kaiju that steadily advanced towards him. That day he recalled so vividly was the first time the Serpent King attacked Japan and it nearly destroyed half the population while ripping both of his parent's from his life. Nostalgia turned into a somber cry that handicapped his movement , but suddenly turned into a rage fueled by revenge and pride for his country as his was back into the plane of the present. He looked at his lieutenant before bursting into a mode of action as he snatched the radio from a subordinate and started barking orders into it.

"Have the naval battleships ready the rail gun! All forces engaging in combat with that fool Akira fall into Coast Defense patterns , we have bigger fish to fry! I need my planes in the air thirty seconds ago! Get the fighters in the air with the A.M.B.B's ready to fire." His voice was drowned out by the constant barrage of shells that did nothing to slow down the Kaiju who was now only a minute away from Tokyo.

He marched with a walking sprint down into the nerve control room which was housed in an underground bunker , stomping into the operations room with a stern look.

"Gather around people... We are gonna need a plan if want to stop this thing... I'll need all of you" he addressed the various techs, analyst , strategist , and soldiers who made up the defense force in the busy room filled with computer screens. "That maniac attacking the city... he woke this thing up and killed everyone of our superiors... we are the last line of defense..." His voice weak yet strong as he was about to began again before he felt the Earth shake with a tremendous rumble , and some one updated the status of the encounter.

"Sir! No weapons system has been able to penetrate the Kaiju's armor! Nothing is working! We must retreat and devise a plan or our entire operation will be wiped out!"

"Where is it?" trying to hold back the visions of torment that flashed in his head when the Kaiju broke through the initial defense wave.

"The Kaiju has just reached Tokyo Bay sir. Ground forces are retreating in-land in hopes of finding cover..."

"Alright team, listen up! I want a full analysis on this damn thing now!"


Akira Overdrive could hear in the distance behind him, the loud roar of the Kaiju he woke up as the train he cybernetically operated reached top speed headed towards Mt.Fuji. As he looked back to the palette of lights that was Tokyo he could see the massive creature tear into buildings and shake-off every counter-measure thrown at it. He imagined that the creature was laying waste to everything in his beloved city including his forces and whoever was unfortunate enough to be in the city. It had no bias , it had no specific target, it was only alive to destroy both the wicked and the righteous. AO felt no regret as he sped up the train some more after seeing the snow-capped mystic mountain peek into his line of vision while simultaneously entering a sequence of numbers into his wrist watch. The digital input of an encrypted matrix into his mini-computer made the device send a signal to whatever it was that lay inside the hollowed out holding bay that Akira built inside the sacred mountain. The lights on the armored figure created a contrast to the darkness and one could see it's armored robotic features and titanic height.

The Young Yamato had put nearly 20 billion dollars into the construction of his secret weapon and he was almost in close enough range for remote activation until the Bullet Train suddenly halted with a screeching friction and propelled him forward onto the train tracks with immense speed and neck-breaking torque. He had little time to erect a TK shield around his body that skidded , rolled, bounced and scraped against the bridge. Even though he had some defense against the surprise stop it wasn't enough to protect him fully , and he grimaced in horrible pain after the catapult of motion ripped off skin, broke his bones , and twisted his body until he stopped grinding on the track and ended up in a fetal position. He could feel his head ring with an unforgivable noise that made him nauseous , disoriented , and dizzy. His face ran red with blood pouring from his ears , mouth, and leg as he gripped his left arm which had torn ligaments and fractured bones to the point where it looked longer then his other. His pristine outfit had been torn to shreds , his katana thrown somewhere below him , and his ride to Mt.Fuji somehow stopped by some interfering annoyance.

His anger reached an all-time high as he somehow managed to stand on the tracks and gather his mangled self together by taking a few deep breathes to calm his soul down. He prided himself on his on the fly adaptation skills and never let his anger control him like he use to. Amaterasu had made him nearly emotionless to the point where they would not hinder him in anyway. He stood up shakily as he attempted to contact his allies but found that the sat-com links had not been restored and instead reached out to his Queen telepathically, but couldn't because his brain went in a different direction as it tried to warn him of what was coming his way. The combination of being thrown off the train at killer speeds, disorienting damage , and lack of communication to Amaterasu made his sixth sense slow to active and allow him insight into the moments of the future. All he heard was a missile ripping through the sky before it's warhead was inches from blowing him to pieces.

The impact of the bunker buster missile engulfed and destroyed the entire bridge that Akira once stood on in a massive fragmentation blast wave that no human could possibly live through. The burning orange brilliance of the explosion could be seen from miles coupled with a cloud of black smoke. The world of flames had destroyed everything in the wake of it's landing and Akira's body was no where to be found amongst the rubble of the bridge and wreckage of the train. Then, suddenly from the hellish world of fire that still burned intensely, came a figure dressed in a red armor that reflected the scene of chaos around it. From the pit of embers emerged Akira protected in a symbiotic shell of poly-fused metals and mystical threads known as the Aka Renja 8. In the passing seconds between the missile actually reaching it's target Akira miraculously, and subconsciously activated his beautiful geometric patterned eyes known as the Kami no Me. Time slowed down for him in a world that looked inverted and his all-seeing eyes allowed him to sidestep the missile with just enough space to activate his power enhancing suit that protected his mangled and battered body , only nano-seconds before detonation.

Its life flowed through AO and healed his wounds slowly as he walked from the aftermath of an explosion that could have ended his life had he not seen what others couldn't in such a desperate situation. He picked up his trademark katana and gripped it furiously as he made a vow to fire back at whoever abruptly ended his trip and tried to kill him. He bent down slightly before becoming a red streak that took off and soared through the heavens , until plummeting through the mountainous structure of Mt.Fuji. Thanks to his increase in strength he tunneled through layers of rock rather quickly before reaching the holding bay of his bio-weapon, smiling at it's structure before teleporting into it's hollowed out cortex that served as his cockpit. The pilots chair hovered over a thick oozing pool of red liquid and Akira technopathically blew a breathe of life into his machine before sitting down , his armor dissipating in a wave of pixels and his eyes turning back to their normal deep brown. "Synchro." A tendril appeared from the red matter that he floated over and it attached itself to the Young Yamato's spine in a series of hissing locks that let loose streams of steam as they fused with his own nervous system. He was now fully linked to his Akuma Sukeru and it would move flawlessly with him in unison as it reacted to his brain waves faster then the regular speed of thought.

The Red Raging Ronin wasted no time as the locks that kept his mech restrained burst off and allowed him to shoot through the top of Mt.Fuji into the sky above , before landing on the ground and causing the Earth to shake once more. The tallest trees in Japan were merely leaves compared to the size of his secret weapon and AO laughed maniacally wild before he decided to test out it's arsenal of weapons.

"Target all hostiles in the city." he spoke to his bio-machines nervous system without saying a word , knowing that it would read his brain and find everyone his mind mapped out earlier when he visually captured the city in entirety. The Akuma Sukeru lifted it's right arm with a straight open palm, it's left arm gripping the the right's wrist to brace for a recoil. It's movements mimicked Akira's seamlessly.

"Locating...Targeting...Found...Locked on." It responded.


As Akira commanded his machine a circular opening was made in the mech's palm, unleashing a horde of thirty thermal explosive fused missiles aimed and locked on to various energy signatures. Without being controlled via computer they howled through the sky hoping to land in a crippling series of explosions on the people that the 14th targeted. He didn't care much for collateral damage and wasted no more time on standing idle as he made his red colossus of alien metal get down into a sprinters position , before sending it into a full stomping dash that created craters under it's feet as he raced back to Tokyo to finish what he started.

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@tenjin said:


Awesome. I'll have mine up shortly... GODDAMN THING ATE MY POST -_-

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Probably not as LeBeau as his name suggest. Hard to live up to a name of such stature.

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Lol. Damn Seahawks. Anyway... Post up in a few.

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@strigidae_23 : Loved it. Ninjas attack!! Lol

@la_espada : Your a bastard. Lol. I meant that in the most praising way. Crazy attack.

@tenjin : I know you not going out like that! Its time then to start bringing it to these fu*kers. Lol

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Any look suggestions?