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Gonna post in like 40. Sh!t is going up. Damn.

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@ojo : Glad you feeling it. Wasn't quite sure if I got your character down right. Looking forward to yours.

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@the_hunter : The Greystokes' always have room in my court of assassins. Should our interest be mutual. Of course. ;)

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@the_hunter: Thank you man. Yours was dope too. Haven't seen you in action in forever. Glad to see you still around.

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Prepare to taste the blades of the 14th Daimiyo!

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Imma throw a post in this one. Looks interesting.

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@akira_overdrive: I picture him a bit taller than Damien is but the pic fit so freaking well. Ill have mine up tonight after work or tomorrow during the day.

Nah, Akira is a little squirt right now. Lol. Looking forward to it man.

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Akuma Rasshingu's roaring engine slowed to an idle as it approached the daunting and looming structure known as Bedlam Asylum , turning down a dark street to be stationed at an abandoned textile factory that would serve as Akira's entrance into the fray of crazed lunatics. Gothic City's industrial district was it's own dusty ghost town and provided the Young Yamato a perfect cover should he need to retreat back into the shadows from whence he came. " Senpai. Several para-military factions and self-ordained heroes have entered the facility in an attempt to quell the chaos of the situation, but I have designated a route that shall enable you to bypass the clutter of bodies and maniacs. The textile factory was built over an extensive underground network of tunnels that should led you into the Asylum." Kimiko's smooth cybernetic voice hummed in Akira's ear as he dashed through the factory until he reached a massive hole that led into a dark abyss. Without hesitation or response to his AI the caped villain dropped down into the black and hit the wet cobblestone of the subterrenean pathways running for his destination as Kimiko navigated his every move by feeding him directions directly into his HUD. She continued her monouloge until he reached a dead end .

"Your targets exact locations have been pinpointed, though I suggest you proceed with caution. There are numerous vital readings that do not register as human and would be best to avoid until I can siphon more data from satellite memory banks." She continued while the adolescent shinobi stood in front of a massive fan that circulated air into the ventilation system for the Asylum. "After you clear this obstacle you'll be directly underneath the armory. Target 1 is there now."

Akira smugly reacted with a stern "No problem" before launching himself through the rapidly spinning blades of the fan, slowing them down with telekinesis just enough to where he could show his prowess by flipping through the metal blades with amazing agility and dexterity. He thought to himself that his small teen body was perfect for such an occasion and continued his swift pace up until he catapulted himself up and through a gate that led him into the lock-up with a graceful 360 spin mid-air followed by a silent landing. His HUD lit up with information as his iris made contact with the first person he had seen. " Ojo del diablo commonly referred to as the Cheshire Tiger. Admitted into the asylum for quite simply being a murdering maniac. A strong telepath with unstable behavior , constant homicidal tendencies , and a plethora of deadly skills. I could use someone like you. "

The Reckless Ronin made his self known as he approached the mohawk sporting psychopath with a devilish grin who was gathering as many weapons as he could, looking specifically for a serrated dagger he was famous for. The man spun around with murderous intent until he saw a small boy in costume then began to laugh violently at the absurdity of a kid knowing anything about him. "Cabron, what is such a little nino doing in a place like this? Don't you know that you could get killed? Or perhaps you have a death wish... which I would be happy to oblige . " A smile twisting up again while Ojo spoke.

Akira retorted with action as he found the knife that Ojo was looking for and telekinetically jammed into the floor in front of the Cheshire Tiger as a gesture of mutual understanding. He stared quietly for a second as he had Kimiko filter in and holographically display from a small high-powered projector disk detached from his utility belt, a video feed of the man's sessions with Dr.Greenfield along with the list of medications and restraints used for The Enlightened Psycho. Yamato was planning to persuade him into joining something much more sweeter then sedatives and padded cell blocks.

" I don't have all the time in the world to sit here and try to convince you of anything, but I can tell you this. I'm on a mission to secure an empire that will have you sitting pretty in a room full of whatever vices you choose. And as a gesture of good faith I have some of these for you." Akira made his own evil show of teeth as he held up a transparent vial of several purple and blue gel capsules. He was sure that if Ojo was anyone of any importance in the world of criminals and drug trade he had heard of the famous enhancing and extremely rare Power Capsules of Akira's design. The capsules had been cleared off the black market entirely after the UN cracked down on his former empire because of the amount of meta-humans increasing their power and indulging in the ultra-euphoric drug that the 14th Daimyo formulated. He tossed the pill bottle to Ojo and began to walk out of the armory to his next target while speaking over his shoulder to the Psychotic Villain once more.

" There is plenty more where that came from, and I can promise you one hell of a time." With that said Akira started a full sprint towards the red dot in his HUD that pinpointed the next objective, while hoping that he was convincing enough to have gained a new ally instead of just boosting the powers of a legitimate threat. The readings that Kimiko linked to his HUD stated that his next target was on the lower level basement which housed the higer-class metahumans and he cursed at the thought of having to deal with another psycho who might be unwilling to talk.

This sh*t better be worth it