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The terrain of the oceanic venue was stunning to Akira who had never even thought to explore the deep as a viable option of conquest. He was , for a brief moment taken back by the glorious architecture he was staring at and decided he would pillage the Atlantean Empire for it's treasure and rare technologies. The battle was already in full swing by the time AO and Animus made their way toward the southern side of the dome of aquatic hierarchy , his telekinetic power boosting his muscles as he swiftly moved underwater to head to the throne room. Immediately after the cover had been blown the duo was approached by furious guards who attacked without hesitation in an attempt to hinder the advancement made but were met by Akira's TK knife as he ducked under one guards dully thrown slice aimed at his throat then countered with his lethal uppercut. The next sentinel was easily sent to the after life when the Young Yamato grabbed his head and twisted the neck without mercy.

"Cannon Fodder!" Akira yelled out with a sense of humor as he made his way into the Southern Barrier after cracking the outershell with a heavy blow aided by telekinetic force. He insisted that Animus enter first by bowing mockingly at the newly made entrance.

They were in and now was the time to capture glory and riches, but not before eliminating more oncoming guardsmen who shouted in their native tongue swearing to uphold the empire's defenses. Akira was already becoming bored with the resistance and unleashed a wave of energy that knocked the attackers backwards and unconscious as he spoke to Animus.

"The blueprints have just been downloaded to my network. I suggest we leave now or we'll be met by the entire armada. What are we here for anyway?" Overdrive asked as he picked up a guards blaster and scanned it before gripping it tightly for use.

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Introducing the new look in that post.

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Akira had secret motives for joining the rag tag ensemble of pretend heroes and shared them with no one as he paraded through the tower for days like a bored child in a playpen. The first night he was there he had already cracked the security systems and added the encrypted data to his immense files, the second night he compromised the armory by duplicating the weaponry in his own private lab, and on the third night he began to get restless after vigilantly extracting data on his teammates while pretending he was attempting to help them enhance there powers and abilities. Soon his boredom came to an end when the de-facto leader of the Dark Trinity summoned them to a meeting for discussion on the first mission, describing briefly the details that encircled an invasion on the Atlanteans.

The Young Tetsuo scoffed, gave a nod, but remained quite when Animus addressed him on specific objectives that Akira was to carry out once they had submerged into the depths of sapphire. If this was there first mission he could imagine the scope of plans that had yet to be introduced and the thought made AO cringe with excitement and anticipation , which in turn convinced himself to stick around longer then planned. The fact that he had a chance to get his hands on Atlantis weaponry made him even more thrilled as he walked away from the briefing before anyone else to gather a few toys he thought would be fun to use on the adventure.


Yamato punched his open hand through the glove of his newly designed armor of his own engineering , and sat back with his leg perched on the knee of his other while the private jet arrived at the destination. Originally he had no plan to wear any type of armor but recently his daily dose of power capsules began to have adverse affects on his skin and hair, making him a walking negative man. So his intent was to shroud any inclination of his situation with a fully functional weaponized armor equipped with necessary tools for deep sea diving.

The whole trip was an awkward silence which Akira thought was nervousness on his teammates end, though he kept his eye on the Strigidae as if he was just waiting for the right moment to put a telekinetic squeeze on her cerebral cortex. He wasn't quite sure what it was he just knew he loathed the sight of the person for some odd reason but disregarded the thoughts for the moment and stood up by the opening of the plane which hovered over murky waters. He was the last of the team to exit the hovercraft end enter the water as he dropped from the sky with a perfect nosedive until he made it to the oceanic floor . His armor automatically adjusting to the pressure while showing a gauge of his vitals and oxygen levels on the HUD located on the wide lenses of his helmet. Akira silently reached the gathered super team and stood by Animus before awaiting the next phase. His voice sounding robotic like as he spoke out.


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Oh shit. I'll have the post up soon. ;)

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Practice martial arts and build an arsenal.

While slanging birds.

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B!tch I'm Paid, That's all I gotta say.

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Pandemonium was rampant. Cameras flashed with brilliant light and confetti showered the masses who had crowded around the stage to catch a glimpse of the newly formed team of redeeming men and women who stood with an undeniable yet eerie sense of pride,honor. Thomas had reached out to Akira for unknown reasons as of yet after a few secret meetings between the two,and the Lord of Death was more then happy to relocate to his island home. For the young lord ,seeing his countrymen cheer with wild enthusiasm at the site of him wearing a fallen Japanese superhero's suit was more then enough confirmation that he had made a terrific decision. Though merely ceremonial , Akira donned the Ultra Guy's green and white uniform of elegant and sleek choice to accentuate his role as a returning hero to the place of his birth. For many, they would always accept the Yamato family back into open arms with zealous devotion and unhindered love for the "Dragons of the East" . No matter how many times the American media accused them of criminal activity.

Akira stood with a strong demeanor and almost condescending smile as he looked at the supporters and fanatics who rallied under the shadow of the massive tower in the center of Tokyo that would serve as his central home; one of many in his beloved country. The leader Thomas was clad in a new armor and had just gave a brief yet apparently invigorating speech in Akira's native tongue before handing it off to the Trinity members. The Young Yamato was second to address the crowd under his new attire and title of hero.

His Japanese as fluent as ever.

"My country has never been brighter! The Sun rises here and so shall the light of justice as me and my comrades defend your house and the world with honor. It brings me great pleasure to wear the threads of the mighty savior Ultra Guy and I shall forever thank you all for accepting my role as your protector. "

AO ended his monologue with a traditional bow and followed it with a display of power by creating a psychogenic spark of energy that mimicked the visuals of fireworks , with more intensity. He decided to answer no questions and entered the colossal modern skyscraper with a final wave to crowd. After he was out of public eye he immediately had his costume replaced with his famed red leather jacket with a simple thought that fluidly altered his uniform in a wave of pixels, then he spoke to his trusted guard as they made their way into the elevator.

"I hate people..and I hate that fu*king costume." as he made his way to one of the top floors that was designated as Akira's entire living and work space.