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Posted by lykopis

Hmmm --- don't drop the All New X-Men book. I know it's not required to keep up with what's happening in the Marvel Universe at the moment but I think it's necessary just to keep up with what Bendis had planned for both groups of X-Men.

I would push Uncanny Avengers on you too for the same reasons (although it's with Remender) - what's happening there also relates to the whole mutant resurgence going on right now.

Posted by akbogert

See, now that I find very interesting. I have heard from several people who outright loathe that book.

Full disclosure: it was one of the many Marvel NOW #1's I got for free and read. It was the only Avengers-related book I actually considered trying more of.

...but again, I've heard such disparaging things :P

You've reminded me, by the way, that I need to refresh some of these. My more updated Pull List (along with my likelihood of keeping/dropping things) is on my website.

Posted by lykopis

Well, the fans who outright loathe the book either do so because of an outright loathing for a character within the book (there are a lot of Jean Grey haters out there) plus the divide caused by the Schism and AvX story arcs has many people choosing to land on one side quite firmly and so choose to ignore the book which contains "the other side." I don't get that mentality -- lol -- the shades of grey in the environment the X-Men are in should have people wanting to pick up both books but like I said, there are some staunch fans out there who believe picking up the other book is a sign of treason.

The disparaging things are that X-Men are mixed up with the Avengers which even I can't stand. It's more the reaction of people to the situation than the actual story-writing itself. But you are in a unique position of being a new fan so you don't have any biases that someone like me might have (especially since one of my most favourite comic book characters are in the Uncanny Avengers - Rogue).

I have your website bookmarked -- there is a LOT want to read there.

Posted by akbogert

@lykopis: That makes sense. I'm no stranger to loathing an ostensibly-well-executed book because I can't stand its premise :/

My main reasons for considering that book would be Scarlet Witch and Rogue; they are two characters I want to know more about, and are conveniently together in that book. I suppose if nothing else having a fan's seal of approval on the handling of the character should probably be worth something.

And hopefully it proves worthy of the bookmark :P

Posted by lykopis

It's more optimism on my part that suggest the Uncanny Avengers book to you. I really want it to work out but sincerely, only because of my Rogue. I love seeing her interact with new characters and while I am grateful she's on the pages of the new adjectiveless X-Men book, I like how Remender has been treating her, thus far.

It's the fangirl in me, I guess. I was extremely upset when X-23 was shipped off to the Avengers Academy (not because of the book because all I heard was great things about it) but because I was fearful of her returning to that same "high-school" angst that she went through in the Xavier's school. I was pleasantly proven wrong - they did a great job with her until...until this travesty of a book decided to rear it's ugly head. Here I was screaming out a lung at having Laura depicted as the loner student again, little knowing that she would be put in the most worst EVER position as a character which would be to be a ruthless killing machine again.

Best I back down from this conversation , lol -- it's you I am talking to and you've been pretttttyyyyyyy vocal about your stance on this.

Posted by akbogert

@lykopis: Hey, for all you know I may turn into the biggest Dennis Hopeless fan of all time tomorrow afternoon :P

(actually no, people on Tumblr have been discussing the dire implications of killing either Runaway -- pretty much that without both Nico and Chase, the franchise would be permanently dead -- and that has me a whole new brand of pissed off)

Remender, Remender. I've heard things about him which have sort of soured my desire to support him, to be honest. That's the only thing keeping me from finishing out his UXF run, for example.

Posted by lykopis

It can go either/or with Remender. If anything, I appreciate how he's done it all in terms of being an artist and writer. I know a lot of people enjoy his Venom books but I am completely ignorant there and as for X-Force -- I dunno. I really enjoyed it -- especially the Dark Angel story-arc. As for Humphries (the new writer) I have yet to come up with an opinion as they are all on that pile yet to be attacked.

What is it about Remender you are antsy about?

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@lykopis: Something about drowning in hobo piss?

How many issues of the new UXF do you have to sift through? I'd be interested on your thoughts...personally I'm considering dropping the series because I haven't really felt like it's got a consistent focus.

Posted by lykopis

Oh no! lol --- holy bananas batman -- that wasn't very clever of him at all. He's apologized but he's done something similar before so I can't exactly defend him. I am kind of on his side about all the hullaballoo over Havok's speech -- while I certainly can draw parallels between ethnic prejudices and the treatment of mutants -- I think the backlash was a bit too much. The whole "M" thing. The word "mutie" was presented on panel as akin to calling an African American the "n" word so he was leaning on that and plus, I kinda agree with that sentiment. Take away the perceived dividing line -- mutants are human beings as well.

Gah -- this is a big topic -- you posted in that thread about it, didn't you?

Posted by akbogert

@lykopis: Which thread?

I only recently heard about the comment...it's funny, I found out about it mostly because @mercy_ was reticent to say why she didn't respect him but by saying she didn't respect him she made me want to dig up the dirt myself. It sure sounds like something that would have generated a lot of hubbub but I never actually was part of a discussion about it (aside from maybe in the Frost chat?).

Posted by lykopis

You missed out on a huge thing!! Where the heck were you at the time?

Here, this is the thread. I defended him but meh -- I'm not impressed either with how dismissive creative teams are on social networks now-a-days and it seems to be getting more and more commonplace. Don't they know they should wait 24 hours before responding to anything that ticks them off? It should be tattooed somewhere on their bodies --- in fact -- all of us probably need that reminder.

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@lykopis: Oh, I remember seeing the topic title but I wasn't reading the book and don't know who Alex is and, well... it was pretty easy to miss out on since it didn't seem to involve me and I don't see the threads all my friends are posting in anymore (STILL WAITING ON THAT, COMIC VINE). o_O

Posted by lykopis

May the internet gods smile up on you and have the powers that be at ComicVine headquarters heed your plea, comrade.